Friday, August 31, 2012

Lush for lacquer

WOW, i'm more impressed than I thought I would be and with great reason. I've seen this brand all over Instagram and on blogger here and decided to find out what the big deal is, big deal is an understatement I've discovered. For those who don't know, Lush Lacquer is a mother/daughter team of polish makers and I have just joined the bandwagon. That is truly something I would love to do had I been blessed with a daughter. Checking out their inventory on their STORE site I was stopped dead in my sights on a polish called "sugar daddy". I fell in love with the Nails Inc. special effects toppings and this is the twin to it giving it MUCH competition!! I am quite impressed with the texture, opacity and drying appearance of this lacquer. I actually don't plan on changing my nails for at least 3 or 4 days. With 2 coats your nails are completely coated with this white lacquer holding hands with the confetti ingredients of different color shapes. I am telling you that I posted my finished mani on facebook and my iphone chimed my alerts with comments on it I had to turn my phone on vibrate no lie! Lush lacquers has just received a bunch of customers. I look forward to buying more, I have my eye on a baby blue mix just like this. If you own a lush lacquer product how do you rate them?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

34 Flavors of Scotch

As a daily routine, I make it my business to get into missomnimedia's business; I take daily trips on their virtual subway! If you are not a frequent reader of their blog you are most certainly missing a few cells. Today they enlightened their readers about a new polish line called Scotch Naturals. It offers plenty of good incentives for being addicted to bottle-- nail polish bottle that is! You know how countless amounts of companies promote that they are the infamous "3 free" ingredients having formula promoting brand, let the truth be known that that just isn't good enough for your nails. Test have shown that chances of the polish still containing toxic ingredients are not only likely but it's sitting on top of likely. Guess what though, you can put your faith in Scotch because it is more than 3 free, no news is good news! So take that wack toxic paint off your nails and let them do the virtual walk over to Scotch Nails and get where the getting is good for your nails. Scotch offers 34 flavors of polishes, top coat, base coat and polish remover. Before I go, for your little lacquerellas that have nail-needs they also have lacquer for them to buy. Check out that section HOPSCOTCH for kids.

*pics via missomnimedia

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Street Pussy

No it's not what you're thinking... geesh! Yes I could have picked a different name but if you get to know me you'll find out that I'm straight no chaser, raw as meat! So anyway I have this mani I forgot to post and it's by the wacky Betsey Johnson X Sephora by OPI collab. This polish is called "ALLEY CAT" (hence the post name--get it)! I am gonna tell you like this, I've found that whatever has OPI on it I am bound to like it. This is my first Sephora by OPI polish, I got it a few weeks ago in the store on clearance for cinco deniro $5. The formula seems a little watery just playing with the brush in the bottle but the application defines each brush stroke; I had no problem applying this polish. You can witness opaque in just two coats, it dries just a tad matte but just a kiss of some top coat and your on your way to the finish line. On my accent finger I've applied a few spots of glitter using the American Apparel glitter polish (the polish reminds me of a disco ball), the brush doesn't pick up the colored metallic circles as much as I'd liked it to so I used a orange stick and placed them on my finger; top coat as I said earlier and your done.

By the way, don't feed stray cats....... :)

2 X's Swagg

“No one on the corner has swagga like us”….,

MIA said it first,then Deborah Lippmann seconed the notion….. Uhh apparently someone does Deborah..... Looking through my stash yesterday filled with indecisiveness about my mani I spotted both of the above near each other (laughing to myself, this is a set up), in the first pic on the left is “Gold Rush” by TheGap and “Swagga like us” by Deborah Lippmann; they had to have been seperated at birth. I’d claim them to be fraternal twins because their formula has 99% similarity, there is a distinct difference between the two and I plan to elaborate. Giving u a little known fact about myself, I am also a fraternal twin; my brother is 15 minutes older. We are extremely close but have different formulas to our biological makeup! I’ve painted my ring finger and pinky with TheGap polish. The Gap’s gold/bronze formula is lighter in texture and bears more green reflection in light, while DL’s polish is darker and keeps a gold/bronze appearance with less green reflection in light. The Gap polish costs $6 (it was on sale so I paid even less for that) while DL polish stands firm at msrp of $16. I must say that you don’t stand to lose if you choose theGap, sometimes the name just isn’t enough for product satisfaction. I won't be naive to think I stand alone with my dupe experience, link me with dupes you’ve compared if you like, i'd like to see it.
 Gap (L), DL (R)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Turn up the pink lights

Hey it's me again, here with my latest mani of the Ombré nails going light to dark. Now I've seen this trend done in several different colors and was immediately fascinated with the look. It's a no brainier that you'll need 5 different shades of your color of choice. Next all u will need to do is decide beforehand what your objective color flow is, I wanted to go light to dark starting with my thumb. I used Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness, OPI "Pink-ing of you, A Date to knight, Pink Flamenco and Koala Bear-y. My favorite colors that I've seen it done in is the yellows, pinks, purples, greens. Can't wait to do this again. Be sure to link me your post if you've done this trend. Have a great Monday :)

Brush with lacquer

What's good Lacquerellas? Hope your weekend was cool. I wanted to post this as it has been on my mind for a minute. What's your choice of brush style? Are you small and narrow, long and narrow, wide or it doesn't matter? How do you feel about Essence and Wet n Wild changing their brush style? I'm getting use to Essence's bottle shape change also. Take a look at these brushes and let me know which one is best for your brush with lacquer.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Give me the green lighhhhhhhht

I picked up this polish while on my mini vacay in the CHI, it's called "Gargantuan Green Grape". I am stoked that its formula stayed the original color and did not dry into a dark puke color. This color gives off the appearance of a pastel spring or easter color in person as well. Idk but I've been on a real OPI kick lately seeing as though I have found at least 4 places around my way that does the buy one get one half off deal. The Jordana glitters polish I am wearing on my accent finger I picked up for I think 1.99 at my local Kmart store; I applied two coats of it with just one blanket of Seche Vite. You lacquerellas enjoy your weekend :)

"I'm ready to go right now".......

Nail Phunk-y Cold Medina

Hey Lacquerellas, Happy Friday.... You see this is why it pays off to have good people around you more importantly good people with polish needs LOL. I love my polishtas (polish sistas)and speaking of which, S/O to @AtheGrreat over at chickenundermynails that put me on to this brand yesterday; and now I bestow it upon you all. Oh, and please be a dear and follow her blog via blogpress membership or email.

Ok so getting to the goods, this brand nail polish called Nailphunk had me thinking it was a lacquer used as a remedy in the event you got some type of nail fungus, but it's quite the opposite. The brand offers funky nail wrap designs along with some good old liquified nail-love in a bottle. They offer 20 different shades of lacquers and 12 funked-up designed nail wraps. One in particular that caught my eye is the "Concrete Jungle" nail wrap (hmm might have to copp). Well don't let me spoil the fun of taking a virtual trip yourselves over to nailphunk.

Well, don't just sit there staring at my post; get productive :))

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I got a taste for seafood

Hi all, I know I know name change again?! Well it comes with the blogging territory of finding out someone has the name or something close to it. This new name I chose is Lacquerice and is to be pronounced similar to the candy licorice. I think it's neat and I have a good feeling about this name. I have went through all the channels of trying to make sure I claim the fame of the name so hopefully we'll be good on this one. On another note here's my latest lacq job. Spoiled by Wet N Wild, this brand is sold in mostly CVS stores around my way; it retails at $1.99. I actually got this for free on this site called when I signed up and bought items totaling $10, I had a code for $10 off. I like its formula, this application became opaque in 2 coats; there's one top coat of Seche Vite.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Purple Fizz

In this mani I am using Barielle's "Vineyard Pinot" and Nails Inc. London Special Effects "Sweet's Way". What I like the most about the Nails Inc. glitter is the lacquer in it. You don't need to put another kind lacquer under it to show it up more if you don't really want to. This formula conists of white lacquer mixed with circular glitter shapes consisting of colors pink, white and blue. The Barielle polish is a member of the purple family and it's more of a shimmery color when applied, it is my first time using Barielle and its formula is a little watery at first but the second coat comes in as the reinforcer; I like it. This is 3 coats and 1 top coat by OPI.

Glitter Pop Swatch

I purchased a pack of 10 color wheels for nails from Sally's the other day, so that I don’t get bombarded with nail posts of swatching on my real nails. I think they’re just as good. Every now and then when I want to cheat on posting, I will swatch the color wheel to show you what a nail color looks like. So here I have these two polishes that I’ve had from Charlotte Russe called Glitter Pop they retail $2.99 a bottle. These two in particular caught my attention and the saleslady gave me a good review on them (and a bad review on a few others I inquired about) so I took a risk and put my money where my nails are. I will most likely layer this glitter on another color or use it on the accent finger of choice. Have a look see. I am using my new iphone magnetic lens I also purchased last week (3 in 1, macro, micro, fish eye). What do you think of it if you own it also?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bought me some CANDY

Hey everyone, I've been dying to try this polish since I got it a few weeks ago, Yes it is she Mrs. Deborah Lippmann. I broke down and paid the $16 for it, but luckily for me that day Nordstrom's was having a B2G1 FREE offer going on. This model is CANDY SHOP. Enclosed with the glitter is a light pink lacquer, but it's very light so I figured I'd polish it with OPI's "Pink-king of you" first. I just love it and it's just in time for my niece's 2nd Birthday this weekend. I was going to do some cupcake nail art using the Nails Inc. sprinkles top layer but I'll save that for another shinding. As a bonus in this post, I've decided to incorporate another love of mine which happens to be MUSIC; i'm not a musician but I love the art of all types of music. I will be relating my nails to songs, if I can't find the video I will post just the song. I hope you all enjoy it. I started to choose 50 Cent's Candy Shop, but then I felt like that was too recent and obvious so I chose the artist Cameo as my first video post Cameo :)....

"You're like a brand new feeling, in a special way"- Cameo

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sexy Surf'n

This polish I just HAD to have, like the perfect pair of heels or kicks that you just had to have, to go with your outfit; well this one was made for me. I can't tell you how long I've been on a polish haul in search of the perfect color turquoise. This is by NYX and it's called Surf, it's so sexy to me, a sexy summer color I'd like to say. I got this from for maybe $3 but don't quote me, instead head on over there and see their stash for yourself I got a deal deal for the low! I'm not too excited about my accent nail, so I may end up changing it again but that's the thing about blogging that I like, it doesn't have to be perfect.

What the Duck?

Just when I was thinking that I kinda like the stilleto/oval nails they threw some acetone in and remixed it. With this latest nail trend, I am JUST NOT seeing myself following this one. In my utmost honest opinion I think this shape nail is a bit too glam even for me and downright hideous. Now, I am not knocking those that choose to rock em, but these oddly shaped nails, GET THE DUCK OUTTA HERE!! What you think folks?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pop that thang

I'll be away for the next 5 days so don't send a search party out for me, I'll be back!! Today I used the American Apparel "Poppy", which reminds me of red-orange color in person. I love this color on me!! I think its texture and shine really pops. See u when I get back, I may pop in with a quick post if I go on a polish haul.
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