Friday, May 30, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Skittles #4

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! You would think I worked a full work week... you wouldn't think I had Monday off by the way I am so glad to see Friday lol. Seriously tho, I feel like as of Saturday night your weekend is over (or so it feels).

Here today I have my 4th and final post for the month of May that the group TNCC I'm in, has been participating in. I become a member just in the nick of time and managed to do all four posts (yes I gets it in). So for my post I'll be using 3 untried polishes today, they belong to a cube nail polish set released by E.L.F sometime last year; it is dedicated to the lady Villains from different Disney movies like ones starring Ursula, Cruella De Ville and Evil Queen. I thought it would be most appropriate that I used the "Maleficent" portion of the box seeing how the movie will be releasing today; who doesn't applaud a lady villain (lol).

Will any of you be going out to see the movie Maleficent which stars the beautiful Angelina Jolie?

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lost Nail Files #1

What's up people, hump day on the move today. Every time I look at the clock I keep wondering where my day is going; it's a good thing.

I wanted to post these pics of manicures from last week that slipped my mind to post, I'm not getting old I think I need a new phone lol.

This is a jelly mani I tried to create but this tinsel glitter is not the best for it. This is Sally Hansen jelly polish "Vitamin-D" with Sinful Colors "Cold As Ice". The jelly polish took forever to dry. This is 3 coats.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixie Summer 2014


Hello everyone, how was your Memorial Day? I hope it was fun and memorial to the max.

I have nothing exciting to convey about my day off, just glad to have had the day off.

Today I'd like to share with you my rendition of the Zoya Magical Pixie Dust glitter polishes set to release soon. When these do release, you can head over to your local Ulta or to pick theses up if you decide you like them.

This one is a rosy pink iridescent glittered polish called Ginni and I've applied 3 coats.

This one is a purple iridescent glittered formula called Arlo, 3 coats.

This one is called Bar which is a gold iridescent glittered polished applied in 3 coats.

Too bad I cannot pick a favorite of the 3 so I guess Zoya's job is done LOL.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative: Skittles #3

Hi everyone and Happy Friday! I am so happy this is a 3 day weekend break, even thought it's just 1 day off I'm grateful for it. Plus it's a Monday so woo hoo.

Moving along as a new member in the FB group The Nail Challenge Collaborative, here's my 3 post for the monthly roundup post for the group. For this post I used 2 polishes from Sinful Colors "Destination Color"collection.

The colors I've chosen are Orange Crush and Mimosa & Anchors Away.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Orly Ablaze

Hi everyone!

Smh, going thru my phone yesterday I came across these pics from last week; I totally forgot to upload them. 

This is Orly's Baked collection polish "Ablaze", this is 3 coats without a top coat.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Coral

Hi everyone, how is your week going? My week has been going at a turtle's pace, but nonetheless it's going good. 

I hope you've remained excited about my Beauty Buffs posts as I am and guess what I've got another one for you all, this time we are celebrating the color coral. Coral can be considered a iffy color to so many polish brands, one minute it is a member of the orange family, red-orange then pink #whatchagonnadoeh!

So for my choice today I've chosen a neon coral polish from OPI's latest neon collection called "Little Bits of Neon", this is "Down to the Core-Al". I wanna say this in the nicest way...... I can't stand the white polish they've included in this collection; it seems to double in drying time. I got the mini pack from my nail supply because I was in a rush that day and I just grabbed it and left (I don't normally buy minis). I don't normally base my neon polishes with a white base, I figure if it's neon then it's neon right! However, I am excited about trying out the other colors, so be sure to come back to my blog to see them on a date with my nails.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm Addicted to Fairy Dust

Oh Great! Going thru my pics on break and realize I didn't post these pics of my nails from last week arghhhhhh

Here is Essie's I'm Addcted under China Glaze "Fairy Dust". I got Fairy Dust in a nail swap I got about a week ago. I'm surprised I didn't already have it!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Lupus Awareness Nails

Hi everyone and a LOUD HAPPY FRIDAY to you all!! 

Today's post is a special post roundup that I am participating in along with my girls over in our Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida group. Eugenia had a grand ole idea that we should do a post linkup in support of the month of May being Lupus Awareness month. M

Many people fail to understand how severe of a disease Lupus is and how its effect on a person's immune system. Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body's immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. It is known to cause the person to endure inflammation, swelling and damage to their joints, skin, kidneys, blood, the heart and lungs.

Please take some time this month and any month to understand what this disease is and if you can, support all the organizations in search of finding a cure for it. 

For more information on Lupus visit this website

For this mani I used Orly's "Saturated" polish from the "Baked" collection. 

Stop by the other ladies who are showing their support for Lupus Awareness month #cflbeautyblogger.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Orly- Tropical Pop

OMG!! I'm in love with this polish. This polish is called Tropical Pop and it's from Orly's latest collection called "Baked". Now I want the others from the set!

I've already gotten so many compliments at work on them as they're so bright. This is 3 coats of it with just a thin layer of top coat. I did not use a white base to brighten the appearance either.

Polish says to the sun: "Yes, be jealous"!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative #2-Skittles

Hello everyone and happy hump day!! Today I must share with you my 2nd post for the FB group The Nail Challenge Collaborative. The theme is still Skittles and I'm still making my way down to my 4th post.

For this design I used 2 ILLAMASQUA speckled polishes, 1polish from Icing and 1 from Hard Candy polish.

For my index finger I am wearing Speckle, middle finger is a polish by Hard Candy called Jelly Bean Blue, ring finger is Icing-Cookies N Cream and pinky is ILLAMASQUA Mottle.

I'm really loving this theme and I'm beginning to become more creative with my choices. Do stay tuned for post #3 next week

Monday, May 12, 2014

Essie- Serial Shopper

Good morning polished pretties, how was your weekend? Probably thinking it was too short like I do. My Mother's Day was very relaxing and I even had dinner made for me so I'm good with that.

I did get a nice group of polishes for my Mother's Day gift so I'm even more good. On my nails is one polish from my gift which is from Essie "Too Taboo" 2014 collection. This color is a coral/peach color. I had a slight problem with the application, I found it to be a little thick & took more time than I liked to dry. This is 3 coats of Serial Shopper.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative #1- Skittles

Hey everyone!! Happy Friday, today I'm excited to share a post with you as a new member of a FB group called THE NAIL CHALLENGE COLLABORATIVE group. A few months back I saw a post by The Polish Playground about this group and inquired about how to join it. When I got an email from A Girl and Her Polish I totally forgot I inquired about it. So anyhoo, meet the newest member of TNNC.

THIS GROUP IS A GROUP OF BLOGHERS who do a post roundup 4 times a month with a scheduled topic, for some reason I like this kind of thing. This month's theme is Skittles, I find that I don't do many of these designs. For this design I chose two of the same type of glitter formula but in different colors. I got both of these glitter polishes from Rue 21.

The polish on my index and middle finger is called Mint Chocolate Chip and the ring & pinky fingers are wearing a polish called Sweet Frosting.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Orange White Witch

Good morning!! I am really happy we are one day closer to Friday, I'm ready to sleep in!! 

On my nails today I'm sporting two untried polishes. This orange polish is by a brand called Simply Sweet that I got in a pack of 6 for $6 at Ross. I've seen this brand & thought the quality might be cheap. Much to my surprise the quality is very rich in application, it only took 2 coats to achieve the opaque finish. 

The glitter overlay is by Namacoco, it's black & white circle glitter with white tinsel glitter. I'm a sucker for any type of b&w glitter.

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