Friday, August 24, 2012

Nail Phunk-y Cold Medina

Hey Lacquerellas, Happy Friday.... You see this is why it pays off to have good people around you more importantly good people with polish needs LOL. I love my polishtas (polish sistas)and speaking of which, S/O to @AtheGrreat over at chickenundermynails that put me on to this brand yesterday; and now I bestow it upon you all. Oh, and please be a dear and follow her blog via blogpress membership or email.

Ok so getting to the goods, this brand nail polish called Nailphunk had me thinking it was a lacquer used as a remedy in the event you got some type of nail fungus, but it's quite the opposite. The brand offers funky nail wrap designs along with some good old liquified nail-love in a bottle. They offer 20 different shades of lacquers and 12 funked-up designed nail wraps. One in particular that caught my eye is the "Concrete Jungle" nail wrap (hmm might have to copp). Well don't let me spoil the fun of taking a virtual trip yourselves over to nailphunk.

Well, don't just sit there staring at my post; get productive :))

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