Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Although these are not Thanksgiving Day themed nails, these were a sudden impulse nails because I'm at my parents house. 

Have a safe and bellyful Thanksgiving Day everyone 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Private Show Prep

Good mornTING!!

I've been slacking a little on posts but I'm still hanging in here, ready for all the dinner table grub downs I plan to partake in this week.

My favorite dish is greens, sweet potatoes and honey baked ham with rice & peas (jamaican style)... mmmm mmmm good!

Today's mani I'm rocking consists of two polishes: One from NY Color "Preppy Pink" and Pure Ice "Private Show". 

While the PI polish is a glitter polish, for some reason its finish feels like textured polish. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crash Endlessly

Hi everyone, 3 days down and 2 more to go woo hoo.

Today I have the last of one of my haul of the Sephora Formula X polishes to share with you all; this one is called Crash. You know, I'm tempted to say that this one just might be my favorite!! I know right, yea right, there are a few more that I need (want).

For my base color I'm wearing Sinful Color's own "Endless Blue" I don't think this is 100% color accurate because my DSLR battery is dead and it's been raining all day. This color is a royal blue formula and it's so cremey in texture it was such smooth sailing during application, here you'll see two coats void of top coat for the finale. 

I think these two together, they make quite the pair. I was a little uneasy about the matchup but now you can call me Cupid.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Swatchful Sunday

Good morning lacquerellas, 

On Sundays, I like to just sit and swatch because it's my lazy, relax day; (& relax as in polish my nails lol). So I just decide to pick some random polishes out of my stash and go to work on em.

First up is two polishes that has all the rage right now... Revlon Parfumerie polishes. I was reluctant @ first to buy them because of a bad experience I had with the brand Tea & its scented polishes; but I decided to challenge my instincts not to.

This one called Pink Pineapple is a very light and timid scent, in my opinion it doesn't speak very loud and that's fine by me. I could deal with the scent all day w/o sensing a headache coming on.

The same goes for China Flower, the scent was very minimal, not overwhelming. The formulas are a "easy to work with" formula, no streaking in between coats and finishes glossy.

This next polish is a deep purple polish by Cuccio & it's called "Brooklyn Never Sleeps"-- I can hear the Beastie Boys song in my head when I picked this bottle up "NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN"... Here it is in 3 coats with no top coat & then with a matte top coat.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Hi everyone, how are you enjoying your weekend? Safely and slowly I hope....

Today I'd like to show you my current mani which features a polish by Polish Addict Nail Color. You can purchase more of this brand from their big cartel shop.

This model is called "Mad Hatter's Tea Party", it's a orange based formula with a variety of other colored glitter. It looked fun on the site and it's even more amazing in person. I started to wear a orange base color but then I decided that I wanted you all to witness it's unique presence in all its glory.

This is 3 coats and one thin layer of top coat. So now I must tip my hat to you all and encourage you to enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

City Lights

Happy Friday!!!

I hope every one has a fast day until their clock out time and then a slow fun weekend (wishful thinking huh).

Today's mani is brought to you by OPI's polish named "Lights of Emerald City" which is from the Wizard of Oz collection 2013. For my base color I used again Q and A Nail Lacquers' "Knickerbocker". I really enjoy looking at this glitter for the different views it reflects a different color of some of the glitters.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hug & Kiss Me You Fool

Hi everyone (waves),

Today's mani is consists of untrieds in my stash from Essence and Polish Addict Nail Color. For my base color, I'm wearing a light purple polish from Essence's Hugs & Kisses collection; it's called X's and O's. 

For the glitter blanket I applied a light purple lacquer in glitter polish created by Polish Addict called Cotton Candy Shop. I would wear this glitter polish without a base color as well. You can see on my ring finger that it is applied without a base color. With at least three coats, it's very opaque. 

Hardcore in the Pink

Good morning....

Today I'll be showing you the second polish I purchased from the brand Hail Nails. Don't forget to check out more colors on their site

Today I'm wearing a hot pink formula named Hardcore. I'm glad this turned out to be the shade I had to have online and in person. The formula is easy to work with, it's smooth and shows no streaks in between coats. I've applied two coats without a top coat and as you see that it has a glossy finish.

Lately I've been on a matte kick so I've been testing all my mani's with a matte look. I happen to like this color with a matte finish.

Which finish do you prefer??

Monday, November 11, 2013

OPI's a charm

Hi all, back to work for those of us who had yesterday off... Hey we got a job so....

So yea today's mani is brought to you by OPI's Merry Fashionista polish/bangle package. We have not crossed Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas is steady trying to steal its spotlight. 

I came across this package thru an IG account I follow called @allpolished, she posted a pic of her bangle with a OPI charm on it and I instantly thought HOW KAYUTE!! She said she bought it from TJMaxx recently and that's all I needed to hear. 

Ya girl got on the road and tore it up... I found it in my TJMaxx for $7.99 and it comes in a box with one polish & bangle. 
Now for the base color I used Cuccio's "Kyoto Cherry Blossom" which is just a Barbie pink color polish. Over that, I layed a red, multi-color, glittery blanket called "Excuse Moi"! 

Check 1, 2, 1, 2 below....

Check your nearest TJMaxx or just drive around to every single one you know lol

I'm her guest- Polished PR's blog

Be my guest to check out my guest post on PolishedPR's blog today ----> .... Guest Post

Hail Yes to the nails

Good morning you all... and Happy Veterans Day.

Starting off this week I'd like to share with you a new brand to me called Hail Nails. I came across this brand thru an IG account NailGurlNYC. Tee is a tremendously talented nail artist living in NYC. I implore you all to go check out her work on IG, you'll be thanking me for days. She showed a swatch using this polish by Hail Nails and it looked so creamy I had to sample their product for myself... Yes I can enticed by creme nail polish lol.... You can purchase Hail Nail polishes for $10 from their site, they do have promotions also like free shipping codes.

First up on stage is Candy Rain, online this polish looks like a baby blue color but when I got it, it looks more like a mint colored polish. The formula is pretty uniform for a creme polish, for an opaque look I was satisfied with 2 coats. 

As an addition I decided to use a polish I got in the mail this week from Polish Addict. This glittery polish is called Cool Summer. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hi all and happy Friday Eve...

Today I'm wearing two untried polishes-- ONE TIME for ya girl using her untried stash....

By the way yes I made it back to Nubville, the glitter removal process for those glued on nails was for the birds; I still like to switch it up every now and then.

For my base color I am wearing a pink/coral colored polish by CND called "Tropix". For my glitter layover I am using Sephora Formula X's "Bombshell". Now I can't say that this mani does the Sephora polish justice, but with these type of glitter it's all about finding the right base color that won't take away all its glory.

Well that's why I own it, so I can try again!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And to all a Merry Pinkmas

Hi every one!! So sorry for these days of little or no posting.... I promise to do better....

Today I'm stoked to share with you a polish I sought after virtually, that is created by the lovely Cristina over at LET THEM HAVE POLISH. if you've been Team Nailmattic for a while you'll know that because it's pink I had to have it!! 

I'm loving the effort and creativity  she has put into this polish. What you'll see below is 3 coats and a top coat. I literally kept the KBShimmer store page open all morning in order to make sure I got mine, I know how polishes go fast; you can purchase yours using the link for KBShimmer!! This winter collection consists of creations by several other creative bloggers, Merry Pinkmas just caught my eye first. Cristina is a fellow CFBeautyBlogger so I had to show love, not only that but she is pretty damn dope!!

Have a Merry ol time enjoying this early Merry Pinkmas...

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