Friday, August 24, 2012

Give me the green lighhhhhhhht

I picked up this polish while on my mini vacay in the CHI, it's called "Gargantuan Green Grape". I am stoked that its formula stayed the original color and did not dry into a dark puke color. This color gives off the appearance of a pastel spring or easter color in person as well. Idk but I've been on a real OPI kick lately seeing as though I have found at least 4 places around my way that does the buy one get one half off deal. The Jordana glitters polish I am wearing on my accent finger I picked up for I think 1.99 at my local Kmart store; I applied two coats of it with just one blanket of Seche Vite. You lacquerellas enjoy your weekend :)

"I'm ready to go right now".......


  1. I came SO close to buying GGG last night, and now I think I need to go back and get it--I love these pretty, mint greens! Fabulous glitter polish too. Reeeally wish there were somewhere near me that sold Jordanas.

  2. Elizabeth you don't have any Kmart's by you?


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