Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm whipped!

Actually I am whipped, thank God it's Friday. Today I'm wearing a polish from Sinful Colors leather Luxe collection. If you follow me on IG you'll see I posted a pic when I spotted this collection last weekend.

Today I'm wearing "Whipped" which is a black matte polish, I truly love this look; mind you I'm not into dark polishes like that. This is two coats and on my accent nail I am wearing Hard Candy's "black tie optional" glitter, I am in love with black and white glitter polishes; GIVE ME ALL OF THEM!! 

You can find this one and other colors in your local Walgreens or Sinful Colors retailer.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bettina- Silk, Retro, Preppy

Hi all, in my free time yesterday I decided to swatch some of the many Bettina polishes that I haven't worn yet. I chose three that kinda resembles each other in color. Below you will view each applied in three coat for complete opacity. 

These 3 are a creme formula. They're in no way thick formulas but the 2nd coat looked like a 3rd coat wouldn't hurt it. 

This is Silk 

This is Retro

This is Preppy

You can order these from, check out other colors on

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I heart Pink Wednesday

Can anybody tell me what today is lol!! It's pink hump day!! My mother loves that commercial. 

I totally forgot that I was wearing pink today and scheduled a post last night, I actually scheduled two posts; no law against that though!

Here I'm wearing two untried polishes. This solid pink polish I'm wearing I picked up from Walmart for $1.68 and it's by Fingr's Heart to Art polish. This color pink is called "You Pinky Swear". What I like about these polishes is their long brush.

The glitter polish on my ring & pinky fingers are by Icing called "OMG". This glitter polish is a hot pink fine glitter polish. 

Take a look

China Glaze Textured Polish Swatch Spam

Hi ladies, I know these polishes are old news but I was looking at my bin of China Glaze polishes and realized I hadn't swatched the textured polishes I have. I got some when they were released and then recently I got two for $10 from Ulta with a coupon.

So lets get right into the swatches...

This one a lime green color named In the Rough

This one is a pink color named Unrefined

This one is a orange color named Toe-Tally

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wet n Wild Textured Polish- Fatigue Glam

Hi ladies, today I'm wearing a textured polish by Wet n Wild that I spotted in Walgreens over the weekend. I chose this color because it's more of a subtle color-- I don't own many of these colors. 

Here is Fatigue Glam which retails for $3.99. The formula is user friendly and applies like other textured polishes I've used. It dries into the uniform textured effect, I'll give them that, but I don't think though that 3.99 is a valid price for such a small bottle; with a small brush.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunny Disposition

What a name for a Monday morning eh!!! Today I'm wearing a polish I came across from an account on IG called "Pure Nail Polish". I've seen some beautiful swatches by Marijonails & Fiercemakeupandnails and decided I needed to finally place a order.

Last week the company had a promo for specific states to win 50% of your order and Florida was among the winners. For my order I picked up Sunny Disposition, Honesty and Sea Breeze. The formula is not thick or runny but that's just for Sunny Disposition and Sea Breeze, I found that Honesty (the pink) was a little thick in application. 

Thanks the only thing on the fence I can say honestly about the polish Honesty. 
You should head over and check out their polish selection at purebeautyshoppe. On my accent nail I used Verity's "Movie Stars".

Friday, August 23, 2013


U know I would have never thought I'd like red polish on me as much as I've grown to love it on my talons. Now red lipstick I know I'll never like on me, it's just not for me.

Today I'm wearing another Essie polish I got from Big Lots for $1, yes $1. There's nothing special about the formula but just that it's user friendly and opaques in just two coats.

Oh and I did a little tape design on my accent nail ring finger too :).

Have a happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nailed me on the subway

Ughhhh I'm so frustrated, I've been trying to make a post and the blogger app deleted what I wrote twice!! 

Anyway to make a long story short, here is today's nails which consists of Fingr's nail tattoos. It comes in a box of two polishes with 3 types of nail tattoos. My box came with a subway line pattern, newspaper pattern & a zig zag pattern for 6.48 at Walmart.

They're very easy to apply, just peel off the first layer of the sticker, dip it in water then press lightly in your nails for 10 seconds. My base coat is Zoya's Jacqueline. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday's Pink Party

Hi all, today is the first time I am participating in the WE WEAR PINK ON WEDNESDAYS group.

I'm wearing on my thumb, index and middle finger Candies "OH-MY-MELON", on my ring finger and pinky I'm wearing Morgan Taylor's "Lip Service" in addition to a glitter layover of Hard Candy's "Pink Taffy". I don't know what took me so long to join something like this being that pink is my favorite color!!

Have a Pinktastic day!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hi ladies, I hope your week has started off in a prosperous manner. I'd like to show you my current mani that I've been wearing for the past two days.

Meet Bettina's polish "Bonfire", it is from the Resort collection released a while ago. It is another orangey-red color that glosses without a top coat. I've only applied two coats for my opaque needs. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Did I tell u about the Lagoon Mist?

Hey ladies check out my current mani using two untried polishes. The base color I used is from Sak's. The formula is pretty friendly, it's a little thin but yet it only took two coats for opacity. The color is called Lagoon Mist.

 The blue glitter is a polish from H&M called "Did I tell you", & I must tell you that it applies so plentiful from the brush on to the nail; you don't have to kept brushing to apply the glitter. I'm pretty pleased with both formulas.

Have a great Friday eve......

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jessica "Express" Fusion

I got this at my nail supply store for $2 because it came in as a sample, she asked me to let her know how it is (& I shall). I have been a fan of Jessica polishes, maybe this one just wasn't for me.

This is called Express by the way, too bad it's drying time wasn't! To the touch it's sticky & still after 20 minutes left my fingerprint imprint when I touched it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oh for Oreo

Hi ladies, today I'm wearing a polish I picked up over the weekend from Forever 21. It's another indie looking polish that could pass for one Deborah Lippmann speckled polishes. I think I've become obsessed with these black and white speckled formula polishes :).

This one is similar to the polish I got from Icing except this does not have bar glitter in it. Here's two coats of it. On my accent nail I used that same polish to make dots over OPI's "La Pazitively Hot"! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Paint u a lullaby

Hi all and happy Monday. Today I'm wearing two polishes I picked up over the weekend. First H&M was having a BOGOF sale on polishes. They had some pretty colors (that I already have that is). Then I made my way to Forever XXI to check out the goods over there.

Now if you follow me on Instagram (Goldensyard) you will see the 6 shades of textured polish that released, might as well get in on the textured look since they have some indie looking polishes as well. 

For some reason I had a difficult capturing the true color of the H&M polish, it's called "Lollipop Lullaby" and it's a lavender color, but the pics make it look a little blue (it made me blue). It was gloomy outside so I couldn't take the pic in natural light.

This F21 polish is called Purple Jazz. This is two coats, it's no competition for Zoya Pixie dust; but if you want Zoya quality buy Zoya polish right! I like the polish, it's not clumpy and goes on smooth. 

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