Monday, December 31, 2012

For better or Never

Happy Birthday to me and Happy New Year's to all you lacquer lovers. I wanted to get this post in before the buzzer. I didn't do anything extravagant for my nails this year no special reason. I chose Sation's "For better or Never" because of its pink/peachy color and enclosed glitter, I felt it had a New Year's Eve festive look to it.
For the new year I don't have any resolutions because I just want to live right and make the right decisions not because it's a new year. I am however changing this blog name to match my blog on wordpress. Nailmattic is the name that I really like and I think I will make it just that.

I wish you all love, life and plenty of lacquers, see in in the year ONE-THREE!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Itsy Bitsy

Hi all, in my attempt to bring myself out of the bed from being under the weather since yesterday, I felt like changing my polish. Thank God I am feeling better than yesterday, I really put in work trying to get better. Today is my father's birthday and then Monday is my twin brother and my birthday.
I created a secret polish Santa exchange this year which 10 ladies participated, I put this polish on my wishlist among others. This polish is by The Hungry Asian on etsy and it's called Itsy Bitsy, it embodies the song "yellow polka dot bikini" in its formula. It screamed cutesy and fun and I knew I had to have it on sight. My sister in law bought this for me as a present (even tho she didn't draw my name).

I applied 2 coats of this, it's user friendly and has a nice settling appearance when it's applied, it's not streaky or bulky-looking with the glitter. Even though I got this for free, for $8 you can have your own. I implore you all to go check out her other models of polishes.

Her store is on vacation now but put in your favorites and check back later.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Layla Ceramic Effect CE 52

Hello dere, this is my first polish from Layla. I've seen many swatches of this brand, the holo polishes specifically; but I felt like they're a bit pricey at the time. Well being that I am such a loyal Ulta customer, I got a 20% off coupon; this polish was $9 and my birthday is near so I say what the heck do it. This polish is amazingly beautiful, its formula, application, shine and finish is everything. They have just picked up a customer. This has such a beautiful reflection of the ceramic finish, which shows up in various angles of light and it's definitely a essential addition to your collection; they remind me of galaxy scene polishes. I've applied 2 coats with one layer of top coat.

The only thing I don't like is that the polishes don't have a cool name for them. but anyhoo have a looky see......

Friday, December 28, 2012

Isn't it just LOVELY

Happy Friday all, the countdown to my bday is near... New Year's Eve baby, yes I am.....

So I received my free samples from Zoya which allows me to have polishes early, this collection is called the Lovely collection 2013. I really like Zoya's formula, and I have been fond of them way before I started getting them for free via the Art of Beauty membership. So anyway without further ado, allow me introduce you to some lacquer lovelies birthed by Zoya......


 Gie Gie





As you can see, the first 3 of the set are more of a shimmery lacquer and the other 3 are more of a creme lacquer.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random Swatch Revlon, Color Club, Julie G, Sinful Colors, Essie

Hi all, I'm going to make this post quick today, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Day. I have some swatches to show you all from various brands. I have no polish on for the moment as I plan to do my nails for my birthday New Year's Eve :).....

Polishes L to R are:
Revlon- Girly
Julie G- Cupcakes & Castles
Color Club- Wish upon a rock star
Essie- Lights
Sinful Colors- Faceted

Monday, December 24, 2012


Happy Monday and Christmas Eve all.... I have this polish swatch today of Julie G polish. I follow her FB page and I've seen a numerous amount of swatches by others on blogs and Instagram, so I decided to give my fingers a try.

The formula is a nice texture, not thin, thick or runny; just right. I got two polishes, this one is called Stilleto. It's kind of a light brown color. On the site I thought it was more gray that's why I chose it; I'm not sad about the color fraud tho. You can find them on eBay and on

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Split Perso-Nail-Ity

Hi ladies hope you're having a great Sunday. I am sure you all have heard about or have seen, the latest nail trend brought to us by China Glaze Tranzitions. Today I did a quick swatch of "Split Perso-Nail-Ity".

It's a Rose polish which transitions by top coat into a dark pink polish. I think it's pretty neat. However, the only drawback to this is that you cannot use any top coat if you like the color by itself, not even a clear polish (I tested it out). I also bought "Modify Me". I purchased by on

Saturday, December 22, 2012

For Audrey

Hi ladies, duh (hits self on the forehead) I get so carried away with posting on Instagram that I forget to blog it in addition to posting. Here's China Glaze's "For Audrey", it is a mint/baby blue polish; it is also a dupe for Wet N' Wild's "Refresh-mint" polish. They really run neck and neck when they're applied. I applied two coats & a top coat of For Audrey and a doodle nail art for my accent nail (I say doodle because I really didn't intend to have an accent nail but became bored).

I have some Nike Mid SB's named "Sea Crystals" that are a perfect match for this polish, hence the reason why I changed my mani that night to wear them.

Friday, December 21, 2012

High Hopes

Happy Friday ladies, seems like I just said that to you all not too long ago; doesn't feel like a week ago. Well I am enjoying my break from school so I have been going hard in the paint changing my polishes daily almost. Today I have a polish from the Cirque De Soleil collection from China Glaze called "High Hopes". It's a pink/coral color and you all know how CG's formula operates so I am going to omit that in this post, I've applied 3 coats of it.

On my two accent nails I wanted to do something different to match up it with some Leopard Air Max 1's that I am wearing (will wear to work). I didn't want to do the leopard print because it would be too much of an expectation if you're planning on matching your nails & kicks. So I just used some glitter tubes I got from Michael's, I put clear polish first then I sprinkled gold/copper looking and black chunky glitter on my nails. I applied a top coat and viola', done.

Enjoy your weekend ladies, we are just a hop, skip and a jump away from X-mas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pink Bikini

Happy Hump Day...... Here's Pink Bikini by Bettina. This is a darker shade of the pink side of polishes. It's my type of pink tho, I'm really not a huge fan of baby pink but I do have some shades of it. I applied two coats of this formula.
On my accent nail, sifting through my stash of miscellaneous stuff for nails I found these nail stickers by Betsey Johnson for Sephora. It is one sheet of cherries, bows and lightning bolts for $3. I have strong thoughts of switching out my purse today, so I can use a Cynthia Rowley wallet I got during Black Friday weekend; perfect match.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Good morning lacquer lovers, the wheels of my swatches of my Bettina polish haul is still in motion. The model I have to show you is called "Purplelicious, it's a grape color polish that has a slight shimmer to it in texture. I am bummed that I was unsuccessful in presenting that part of it to you all, as today has been cloudy all day; but I think you all can get a idea from it with help from the flash. 

On my accent nail I chose to dabble in the stamping area of nail art, I chose something easy and cute; the stamping nail art can be quite messy. I try not to stamp a lot, to me it's just as time consuming as free hand.

After you take a look, please have a great week...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fallen star

"I'm wishing on a star"..... Classic song if you are a 70's & 80's baby if you remember it.... I'm wearing "Fallen Star" by Barielle, I picked it up from TJMAXX. Its formula consists of a lighter than royal blue shade with copper fine glitter mixed into it, I fell in love with it on sight.

I applied two coats of it then applied this top coat called "Tough Coat" by Winning Nails, I wanted to branch out from Seche to see who's its competition.

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