Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What the Duck?

Just when I was thinking that I kinda like the stilleto/oval nails they threw some acetone in and remixed it. With this latest nail trend, I am JUST NOT seeing myself following this one. In my utmost honest opinion I think this shape nail is a bit too glam even for me and downright hideous. Now, I am not knocking those that choose to rock em, but these oddly shaped nails, GET THE DUCK OUTTA HERE!! What you think folks?


  1. Definitely not me. I think it's ugly.

  2. Hate it, they look more than ugly. I don't know who was the person who created first this nails...but she or he hates women for sure :)

  3. I thought I hated the stilleto shape but this is 10x's worse!

  4. Ugh all these nail shapes coming out are horrible. I like my squoval nail shape. Those new nail shapes are just too much work/dangerous to your own health!


You came, you saw, hopefully you've read so what do you think?

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