Thursday, August 30, 2012

34 Flavors of Scotch

As a daily routine, I make it my business to get into missomnimedia's business; I take daily trips on their virtual subway! If you are not a frequent reader of their blog you are most certainly missing a few cells. Today they enlightened their readers about a new polish line called Scotch Naturals. It offers plenty of good incentives for being addicted to bottle-- nail polish bottle that is! You know how countless amounts of companies promote that they are the infamous "3 free" ingredients having formula promoting brand, let the truth be known that that just isn't good enough for your nails. Test have shown that chances of the polish still containing toxic ingredients are not only likely but it's sitting on top of likely. Guess what though, you can put your faith in Scotch because it is more than 3 free, no news is good news! So take that wack toxic paint off your nails and let them do the virtual walk over to Scotch Nails and get where the getting is good for your nails. Scotch offers 34 flavors of polishes, top coat, base coat and polish remover. Before I go, for your little lacquerellas that have nail-needs they also have lacquer for them to buy. Check out that section HOPSCOTCH for kids.

*pics via missomnimedia

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