Friday, August 3, 2012

LA Girl is a fruit case

I can't remember who's blog I was on that I read about these LA Girl polishes, anyhow after the last period of the blog summary I went on a mission to get them. In Florida I have no Rite Aid in my shopping areas so I took to what I know best.... eBay!! I got all 6 of this LA Girl "Fruity" collection for $20 free shipping. The polishes are scented, I don't own any scented polishes so I hope my smelling senses will be pleasantly surprised with the products. The numbers and bottles are labeled as:

1.Tropical Mango
2. Blueberry Fizz
3. Zesty Citrus
4. Razzy Raspberry
5. Strawberry Delight
6. Watermelon Splash

I look forward to letting you all know how the consultation with my nose and fingers for the approval goes lol.


  1. This really falls right in with the neons of the summer. You should really have fun with these.


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