Friday, August 31, 2012

Lush for lacquer

WOW, i'm more impressed than I thought I would be and with great reason. I've seen this brand all over Instagram and on blogger here and decided to find out what the big deal is, big deal is an understatement I've discovered. For those who don't know, Lush Lacquer is a mother/daughter team of polish makers and I have just joined the bandwagon. That is truly something I would love to do had I been blessed with a daughter. Checking out their inventory on their STORE site I was stopped dead in my sights on a polish called "sugar daddy". I fell in love with the Nails Inc. special effects toppings and this is the twin to it giving it MUCH competition!! I am quite impressed with the texture, opacity and drying appearance of this lacquer. I actually don't plan on changing my nails for at least 3 or 4 days. With 2 coats your nails are completely coated with this white lacquer holding hands with the confetti ingredients of different color shapes. I am telling you that I posted my finished mani on facebook and my iphone chimed my alerts with comments on it I had to turn my phone on vibrate no lie! Lush lacquers has just received a bunch of customers. I look forward to buying more, I have my eye on a baby blue mix just like this. If you own a lush lacquer product how do you rate them?


  1. omg this is soooo pretty. Yes ive been seeing the people on instagram with the polish also but I havnt tried them yet. Now is the time because that is too cute.


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