Monday, May 23, 2016

Kbshimmer Summer Collection Part 2 swatches

*press sample*

Guess who's back with part 2 of the upcoming collection release from KBSHIMMER?? You guessed it....Me!!

Let's jump on it!!

This concludes the swatches of the collection... I'll leave you to deliberate which ones you'll purchase for your collection lol!! Just don't keep KBSHIMMER waiting!!

Thanks for reading!!

KBSHIMMER Summer Colors Collection 2016 swatches part 1

As promised here are the swatches of the upcoming release of KBSHIMMER summer colors 2016 collection.

*press sample

Can you tell which one is my favorite?! 

This collection by kbshimmer releases June 1st. You need all these summer colors or bust!! 

*pic above: L to R: How Low Can You Flamingo, Ready For a good lime, Playing With The Buoys, Good Reef!, Mai Tai One On, Neon On.

Ready for a good lime.

Good Reef!

Which one(s) are you getting? I suggest..... All of them lol!!

Stay tuned for part 2! Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 20, 2016

KBSHIMMER Summer Collection 2016

*Press Release 

I may not like the heat that the summer season brings, but I love the summer nail polish collections brands bring out!!

Check out the shades in the upcoming release of KBSHIMMER's summer collection. There's an array of colors and textures all here to satisfy your colorful needs!!

The official release date is 06/01/2016 on

Stay tuned for swatches!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sinful Colors Sugar Crushin Sweet Tooth


On my nails today is a new polish by Sinful Colors that's ready to spring into the Spring season. I am fan of textured polish so I'm on board for this collection, what I'm not on board with is the formula. 

The formula is pretty thick to work with and takes 3 coats to achieve opacity. I feel like layer after layer it becomes more bulky looking but if I were you I'd wait a good while in between each coat; I only wait about 5 minutes each.

Today I'm wearing Sweet Tooth. I picked this up from my Walgreens for 1.99. This is not in a collection by itself, it's in a collection with the porcelain matte collection polishes. 

Do you plan on getting any of these? Be sure to follow their IG account for the latest in collection releases.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

China Glaze About Laying Out

What's been on my nails since Saturday up until yesterday lol (forgot to post)!

Do you have any polishes from the House of Colour collection?

Thanks for reading!!

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wet N Wild Spring Into The Wild collection

Hey everyone!

So I've realized that I've been very negligent towards my polish stash.... I've been buying way more makeup than polish (even though my polish stash can still run laps around my makeup stash). 

Recently @blkisbeauti called my attention to Wet N Wild's latest polish collection release. 

This collection I found in my Walgreens and it's named "Spring Into The Wild" of course because the colors consists of Spring pastel colors. If you've notice from last year to this year, WnW has been running with the theme of pastels. It seems like every year the colors kind of resemble the previous collection colors; last year it was the Silver Lake collection. 

Anyhoo.....Check out my swatches.

Love Fest

Kiss My Mints

Lay Out in Lavender

Breeze on By

P.S. This week SC is on sale at Walgreens 2/$3.

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Drugstore Beauty Products

Hi everyone!! 

Keep in mind that these items may not be new to the drugstores in your area, these are what I've spotted lately.....

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