Friday, August 1, 2014

Corrupted Coral Flower Power

Hi all and Happy Friday, I am TOO THRILLED that it's Friday!! Although I have plans not to have any plans, you never know which way the wind might blow me to.

I have two polishes on my nails today. The Milani polish I'm wearing is from the new bottle shape & name found at your local CVS. This polish can seriously be a "one coater" IMHO. The formula was such a smooth apply; this color is "Corrupted Coral". 

Now for the glitter top coat effect, which is by Salon Perfect and I got it from Walmart for $3.98. I can't say that I own a lot of these polishes. I have to tell you all how much of a difficult apply this was for me, the glitter was not easily accessible for the brush. I actually had to do glitter placement for a few fingers out of frustration. I am actually not too thrilled about using the other 3 I picked up from this line, but I'll try to stay positive. This glitter polish is called "Flower Power".

I still love the glitter combo regardless. What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Proud Beauty Bloggers Of Color Link Up- Orange

Hey Hey Hey people, what's happening!!

Today I have a new post for you all brought to you from the minds of the a Facebook group that I have been a member for a few weeks now. 

We are.........

This group empowers women of color to come forth and showcase their passion for beauty from a standpoint of someone who's skin tone can show another beautiful dimension to beauty products. Today we come to together to show you the beautiful color ORANGE.

The polish I am wearing today is Sinful Colors "Anchor's Away" along with "Orange Crush". I'm crushing on Orange!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Nautical/Beachy Theme

Hi everyone.... I've got some good news for you all..... not only is it hump day, it's The Beauty Buffs celebration day too!! With that being said, we have a fun theme to celebrate today; calling all nautical/beachy themed nails!!!

I couldn't think of anything beachy so I just made a anchor on my accent nail and did it up with a few colors that remind of me nautical attire--orange, navy blue and white. The orange polish i'm wearing is by Sinful Colors called "Anchors Away" (I know, how appropriate :) and the navy blue polish is from Sinful Color's Silk collection, it's called "Matte About Blue".

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Breakfast In Bed with Rita Ora

Hi everyone, my Monday went so fast at work by the time I stopped to look at the clock it was 3:30 (fine by me)!!

Over the weekend I spotted these polishes at Walmart for $1.50, they're Rita Ora's limited edition polishes done by Rimmel London. On my nails is the minty fresh color by the name of "Breakfast in Bed". This is 3 coats, no topcoat. The formula is average, not thick and not runny, applies smooth no streaks.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

TNCC: Recreate nail design post #4

Hey again people, I have here my 4th and final post for TNCC's July theme of recreating my first 4 nail designs. This design is one that I enjoy creating, I think I did a good job for the original post as it was my first time also. You can check out the original post HERE.

Here is my recreated version and the polishes used....

Zoya Naturel Deux (2) Collection Swatches


Hi everyone, how was your weekend? My weekend (although it is not over just yet) was very very nice. Mr. Nailmattic and I was in Orlando all day walking, eating, shopping and just enjoying each other's company (I did pick up many bottles of polishes this weekend as well :).

Today is lazy day so I decided to get this package from Zoya out for the swatching while I am bored.

This collection is more of nude/neutral color polishes. This collection has been swatched in coats of 3 with 1 thin coat of top coat, they do bare resemblance to the first Naturel collection.

This is Emilia 

This is Chanelle

This is Spencer

This is Madeline

This is Aubrey

This is Marney

That sums up this Naturel collection, after seeing these colors; which one(s) will you be purchasing? You will be able to purchase them on the Zoya site or at your local Ulta.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rubber Matte

Good morning, well what is that at the end of the week; it looks like Friday approaching the platform YAYYYY

My week has been just blah and I'm ready for some get away time with Mr. Nailmattic (he's finally come to terms with his new sidekick name).

So today I have two polishes from Sinful Colors, both untried and 1 I didn't know is a matte finish.

The textured polish I'm wearing is a burgundy color from the Full Throttle collection and it's called "Race Rubber". As I said before, these textured polishes are of the more subtle textured finishes than ones I own; it isn't as rough as the others. On my accent nail is Get It On which is a burgundy matte finish polish.