Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 X's Swagg

“No one on the corner has swagga like us”….,

MIA said it first,then Deborah Lippmann seconed the notion….. Uhh apparently someone does Deborah..... Looking through my stash yesterday filled with indecisiveness about my mani I spotted both of the above near each other (laughing to myself, this is a set up), in the first pic on the left is “Gold Rush” by TheGap and “Swagga like us” by Deborah Lippmann; they had to have been seperated at birth. I’d claim them to be fraternal twins because their formula has 99% similarity, there is a distinct difference between the two and I plan to elaborate. Giving u a little known fact about myself, I am also a fraternal twin; my brother is 15 minutes older. We are extremely close but have different formulas to our biological makeup! I’ve painted my ring finger and pinky with TheGap polish. The Gap’s gold/bronze formula is lighter in texture and bears more green reflection in light, while DL’s polish is darker and keeps a gold/bronze appearance with less green reflection in light. The Gap polish costs $6 (it was on sale so I paid even less for that) while DL polish stands firm at msrp of $16. I must say that you don’t stand to lose if you choose theGap, sometimes the name just isn’t enough for product satisfaction. I won't be naive to think I stand alone with my dupe experience, link me with dupes you’ve compared if you like, i'd like to see it.
 Gap (L), DL (R)

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