Monday, August 27, 2012

Brush with lacquer

What's good Lacquerellas? Hope your weekend was cool. I wanted to post this as it has been on my mind for a minute. What's your choice of brush style? Are you small and narrow, long and narrow, wide or it doesn't matter? How do you feel about Essence and Wet n Wild changing their brush style? I'm getting use to Essence's bottle shape change also. Take a look at these brushes and let me know which one is best for your brush with lacquer.


  1. Excellent question! The WnW Megalast brush is a little wide for some people, but I found it really easy to work with (given I have some pretty wide nail beds). I think my favourite brush is definitely the OPI, though. It's nice and wide without being chunky, and it fans well without splaying.

    If I could change one brand's brush it'd definitely be Essie's. I have a hard time working with a brush that narrow.

  2. Yes Elizabeth I am still in OPI's corner myself.

  3. I must agree with u ladies. I was a lil partial to the wet n wild brush b/c of its width but I must say OPI got it hands down. The way that brush just slides on my nail...... Uhhhhhh Weeeeeee just gets me all percolating'. Lmao.


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