Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Glitter Pop Swatch

I purchased a pack of 10 color wheels for nails from Sally's the other day, so that I don’t get bombarded with nail posts of swatching on my real nails. I think they’re just as good. Every now and then when I want to cheat on posting, I will swatch the color wheel to show you what a nail color looks like. So here I have these two polishes that I’ve had from Charlotte Russe called Glitter Pop they retail $2.99 a bottle. These two in particular caught my attention and the saleslady gave me a good review on them (and a bad review on a few others I inquired about) so I took a risk and put my money where my nails are. I will most likely layer this glitter on another color or use it on the accent finger of choice. Have a look see. I am using my new iphone magnetic lens I also purchased last week (3 in 1, macro, micro, fish eye). What do you think of it if you own it also?

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