Monday, March 30, 2015

TNCC Inspired by fashion look 4

Season Finale lol.... Hey people Happy Monday (don't shoot me I'm just the messenger lol).

Today is my final look #4 for The Nail Challenge Collaborative for Inspired by Fashion themed nails. For this look I just googled Fashion Week New York 2015 and save the pic to my phone. I don't even remember who the designer is but I love the design and colors--so spring/summer. I used China Glaze "Ever Glaze" polish called "Wednesday".

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Happy Saturday beauties!!

I am enjoying the weather today, it's so beautiful outside I refuse to sit in the house!! Anyhoo, check out by third post for the Inspired by Fashion theme of the month for The Nail Challenge Collaborative. I'm inspired by this Love Moschino Quilted shoulder bag that's on my wishlist :)
I'm also using for the first time this China Ever Glaze polish called Faux Your Love. The formula was a little thick for my liking but with a little polish thinner I dumbed it down to a better average formula (not thin or thick).

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights Watermarble

Good morning and TGIF, I have had a productive and quick week, what about you all?

You all should be an eye witness to the new China Glaze collection that has been bum rushing all the social media networks and FB pages.... This is the Electric Night collection which consists of 9 creme polishes and 3 glitter polishes.

I wanted to see how they performed for water marbling and they worked fabulously!! I used all the creme colors for this water marble design. Can't wait to use them individually. I picked this up from a ebay seller last week and I got them Wednesday. They are suppose to release next month.

Look out for these beauties.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Too Faced Cat Eyes Purrfection Makeup

Hey beauties, happy hump day!! I know I'm off to a slow start with posting this week but I manage to jump start my mojo today. The Mr has landed a new and exciting job which he started on Monday so we've been busy managing our time, we now work the same hours M-F (yippee)!!

So let me show you all this little goody box I purchased from Ulta on Monday. I don't own any Too Faced products, this caught my eye as it was displayed right by the door (they know what they're up to lol). It is $35 plus you get a free gift. 

You can see from the pics the eyeshadows are named cat-affiliated. I love the leopard print brush and the color scheme of the eyeshadows. As a gift you get a Better Than Sex mascara, another eye primer cream and a black eye pencil. 

Do you own this product? If so, how do you rate it?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

NYC Color Makeup Your Spring

Hi people!

I purchased some items from the new NYC Color Demi Lovato LE "Makeup Your Spring" collection. This collection I found in Kmart. The collection consists of 3 polishes, waterproof mascara, 2 eyeshadows, blush sticks and lip color crayons; prices vary.

I tube a YouTube video showing you all what I picked up so if you get a chance you should get out the video at

I was anxious to see if these polishes are water marble worthy and they are. However, once I turned on my fan the polishes wouldn't spread as quickly in the water.

Check out what I came up with.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

TNCC Inspired by Fashion Look 2

Hey everyone, how is the last of your weekend going? I am trying to savor every last bit of my weekend and I am not kidding you, I am trying to capture every second before I have to clock in!

So I wanted to catch up on my TNCC post so I don't have to rush. Here is my second look for my fashion inspired look. It is inspired by one of my favorite shirts that is pink mixed in with some cheetah print on it. Check it out.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

TNCC Fashion Inspired Nails Look 1

Hey everyone, clearly I'm losing my mind or I'm just running on fumes for my memory cause I totally forgot I hadn't posted my first look for The Nail Challenge Collaborative fashion themed nails for the month. So I am getting to it right now....

I'm using a pair of jeans from American Eagle that I got at least 2 years ago I believe. I love these distressed jeans look. I choose to try to dupe this design on my nails....

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beauty Tag I'm It

Hey beauties!! I've decided to get in on this beauty tag questionnaire that I've seen floating around on a few blogs... Check out my answers....

What foundation do you use? I use a variety TBH, I really like Maybeline NY mousse or MAC studio fix 45 but I just finished using Shea Moisture Wet or Dry pressed powder and I've hit pan on it!!

What about concealer? I use a variety again, E.L.F HD concealer, Ruby Kisses, Ofra Cosmetics or LA Girl

Do you know your undertone color? No, I'll check into that

What do you think about fake eyelashes? I wear them occasionally, I like to wear mine short or only on the end corners of my eyes. I don't care for the dramatic ones.

Did you know you are supposed to change your mascara every three months? Really, no but it makes sense because I found one this morning that's completely dried up and I haven't had it for long.

What brand of mascara do you use? Ofra Cosmetics & LA Colors  

Sephora or MAC? Sephora because they have a bigger nail polish & makeup section.

What make up tools do you use in your make up application? Foundation brush, foundation sponge, eyeshadow brush, blush brush.

Do you use a make up a base and primer for your eyes, what brand? Yes I use a variety of different primers for my face and eyes. I have started using Ofra Cosmetics silicone face base and eye primer. I also use E.L.F eye primer. I sometimes use Hard Candy's dark spot concealer face primer and NYX photo finish face primer.

What is your favorite eyeshadow color and brand? Right now I'm into Milani's eyeshadows I love Bella Gold (it's a almost my go to every day shadow).

Eyeliner or Not? Eyeliner (come on now)!

What is your favorite lipstick and lipstick finish? Right now I'm loving all matte finish lipstick. I am currently living for Milani's Matte lipsticks. However I really love Ofra Cosmetics "New Orleans" on me.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my beauty tag post!! Please link me below if you decide to participate in doing this beauty tag also :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Beauty Buffs Inspired by a TV Show

Hey you!! I know you must be saying to yourself dag it's been a minute since TBB's have posted, yes I know I'm with you. There's been a slight change in the moderation of the group but it's only for the purpose of keeping what he have going.

So we took a vote for this month's first theme and the winner is Inspired by a TV Show.

For my TV show choice, I'm not going to say, just take a guess (keep in mind I am NOT an artist lol). I'll give you a hint, they're the ladies of Springfield.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Wet N Wild Silver Lake Eyeshadows

Hey everyone,

So yesterday I showed you all the polishes to this Silver Lake collection, although I told y'all to check out the video I uploaded to YouTube of them; I wanted to post them on the blog as well.

Here are the names & a view of them in all of their fabulousness:

Embrace Obscurity 

Thrift Store Chic

Vinyl Collection

California Roll

You can pick these up for $3.99 at Walgreens, which one will you be getting if not all :)

Wet n Wild Silver Lake Collection Swatches

Hey people what's good? I'll tell you what's good with me, my weekend! I had a wonderful weekend seeing my blogger friends and spending quality time with my men (son and boo thang). With mention of the weekend I am about to show you a collection (which is the latest) by Wed N Wild Cosmetics called "Silver Lake". 

Now from what I've learned via IG, this collection comes in two parts (1 for polishes and the other for eyeshadows), I picked up both parts. If you'd like to see the eyeshadow portion of this you can peep my video on YT here.

Let's spring into these spring themed colors for the collection.

This is Stream of Consciousness, it's sheer baby pink formula. I applied this is 3 coats, it also has a shimmer to its finish.

This is Tree Hugger, it is applied in 3 coats and it's a creme polish.

This is Warm Filter and it has applied in 3 coats, it's a coral/orange color; it's a creme polish.

This is A Latte Love, this is a taupe or nude creme polish that has been applied in 3 coats.

This is Wear Skinny Jeans, it's a creme polish that has been applied in 3 coats.

This is Reject The Mainstream, it is a pastel lavender creme polish that has been applied in 3 coats.

Do tell me which one is your favorite color choice. You can find these at your Walgreens for $1.99 each.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yellow Water Marble Bikini

What's up y'all.... More importantly TGIF!! Am I the only one who stalks the calendar to see when is the next holiday, so I'll know when I'll have a 3 day weekend? Yes it does get that serious sometimes :).

This post has been in my drafts all week and naturally I forgot to set it for scheduling. I wore this one day last week when I was in the mood for some water marbling, The yellow is by OPI and its called "I Just Can't Copa-cabana.

The Mr. and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary together as a couple on Tuesday. We decided to celebrate it tonight so you all can look forward to that post tomorrow :).

TNCC Animals Look 4

OMG y'all I'm just going about my day like I DON'T have my final animals look post due!! It totally slipped my mind that today is March 1st.

Anyhoo, this is my final look for animals theme, I chose to do cheetah print nails using Bettina's polish "brown".

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