Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kawaii- Birthday Surprise

Hi ladies!! How's your morning going, great so far I'm hoping.

On my nails today is another polish from my birthday package sent by Stef "Fairly Charming", this one is a white lacquer formula; with a variety of colorful fun glitters. This polish name is "Birthday Surprise", perfect for the fact that I was surprised when I got the package in the mail. 

I've seen plenty of indie brands make this polish type and I've always liked it. My very first indie polish purchase was from Lush Lacquer and it was "Sugar Daddy", it looks similar to this except that it has tinsel glitter in it. 

Before I exit this post, just for comparison purposes I'd like for you to view a post I did back in 2012 of the mentioned Lush Lacquer polish; you can do so HERE :))). 

You can now go ahead and have some fun viewing what I'm wearing .....

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Clown Hugs- XOXO Nail Candy

Good morning ladies.... I hope your weekend was all that you wanted it to be, mine was relaxing.

So today I'm giving you Clown Hugs!! No seriously just via my nails, never would I dress up like a clown and hug you. I am not too fond of clowns, never have been and you can thank the Stephen King movie "It" for that. 

I got this polish last week in a belated birthday gift package from my deary ducks Stef over at Fairly Charming. This is one of the polishes she sent me. 

In this polish you will find a variety of colorful-shaped glitters, that's  one of the reasons why I loved it at first sight. I found this brand from IG and the prices are reasonable. For this mani I chose to pair it up with some water marble because I'm a little tired of the plain painting accent nail. You can check other XOXO NAIL CANDY polishes at

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of colors and hugs.... And I'm not clowning around about that lol. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Wet n Wild- Teal Slowly and See

Good morning ladies, happy Friday!

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend but you never know what happens. On my nails today is a turquoise polish from Wet N Wild's "pop art" collection, released sometime last year. I really enjoy wearing bright colors and I found this in Kmart along with several other bright colors.

This one is called "Teal Slowly and See", I applied two coats of it. On my accent nails is Sinful Colors glitter called "Decadent", I think it's from the holiday collection sat month, it is a mix of red circle and fine glitters.

Be safe and enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Help me decide my Valentines Day mani

Please go to my IG page (Nailmattic) and vote for what you think is the best one for a Valentine's Day mani. The one with the most votes is the one I will wear. If you don't have IG then you can vote here or on my FB page Thank you in advance ;)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crabtree & Evelyn Peony

Hi ladies.... 

Today for my participation in "On Wednesday's we wear pink", I'm wearing a polish my honey bought me for my birthday. I didn't know Crabtree & Evelyn made nail polish, but he saw them in passing the store at the Orlando Premium Outlets (yes Mr. Nailmattic has developed an eye for polish spotting lol). I picked out 3 colors, the colors were pretty uniform, nothing special but he was buying and I wasn't rejecting :).

I must say that this color is my least fave color pink as it seems to take so many layers in order to be opaque; this is called Peony. I remembered that as I was applying it how I hate the sheer coats no matter what brand it is; it always happens to me. I had to apply 3 coats of it, the formula is average in between not thick but not runny. 

On my accent nail is a no-cool -name polish I picked up in Rue 21's outlet as well. It's a pink lacquer formula with pink & white circle glitters along with pink fine glitters. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Swatchful Sunday 1/19/14- Dare to wear, Sinful Colors, Orly FX, Bettina

Here are some random swatches I've done for today... I tried to do a lot more but the smell of acetone overwhelmed my room and ruined it for everyone....(and I do wear a mask).

To start off here's a nude/taupe creme polish from Dare To Wear. I picked this up from my nail supply store for $2. This is two coats:

Mi Amour

This next one is from Sinful Colors "Tough Love" collection. It is made to have a leather matte finish, this one is a navy blue formula called Cold Leather. I didn't see the uniqueness of it because I felt I could take any navy polish and apply some matte top coat to it. I guess the fact that this is two in one is what makes it better.
Cold Leather

This polish is from Orly's Galaxy FX collection. This one is a milky white lacquer with red, gold and silver circle glitters, here's 2 coats of Starburst. The second pic will show you what Milky Way looks like which is another model from the Orly Galaxy FX collection. It is a light blue lacquer mixed with red and white circle glitters. 

These next 3 polishes are from Bettina's Grandeur collection. It basically consists of a metallic, shimmer formula. I don't know why I wasn't expecting it to be this metallic looking and I don't really do shimmer/metallic polish. I'll probably be putting these in a blog sale or a giveaway. 




Friday, January 17, 2014

Green Graffiti Maybelline Color Show Street Art

Hey everyone, I'm on my breakfast break trying to post this because I forgot to schedule this post last night.

On my nails today is a glitter polish by Maybelline Color Show Street Art Collection. I'm wearing the model which is lime green tinsel and octagon shaped glitters. Black circle glitters are in there too, but of course you can't see it cause I'm wearing black polish.

The other colors offered in this collection are pink, blue and red. You can find these at Walmart for $2.97.




Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cuccio "Opposites Attract"

Hi ladies, I'm 95% better now, I do still have this lingering urge to cough.

On to better news, today's nails consists of yet another polish brand that has dabbled in the "indie" look formula wise. I picked up this baby in my nail supply store a few weeks ago. 

This formula has a shimmer to it, while the lacquer in a little thin, the glitters apply to brush kinda heavy. I have applied 3 coats of it and a top coat.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sinful Colors Hazard

Good morning all, it's a mucky yucky day so far; perfect weather to be home sleeping my cold away.

On my nails today is Sinful colors "Hazard", it's a orange/coral creme polish and it's even brighter in person. I totally felt the need for some orange sherbet after this mani.

Monday, January 13, 2014

*press release* New Nail Polish Collection for Spring 2014: Zoya Magical Pixie

New Nail Polish Collection for Spring 2014: Zoya Magical Pixie

Believe in it...
Zoya Magical Pixie - a new PixieDust formulation, amped up with spectacular sparkle creating the most magical, Zoya PixieDust ever! Three new never before imagined textured, holographic beauties for spring 2014... 
• ZP717 - Cosmo: Silver Crystal Sparkle, Textured PixieDust with Mega Hex Iridescent Particles, Full Coverage Formula.
• ZP718 - Vega: Blue Opal Sparkle, Textured PixieDust with Mega Hex Iridescent Particles, Full Coverage Formula.
• ZP719 - Lux: Rose Quartz Sparkle Textured PixieDust with Mega Hex Iridescent Particles, Full Coverage Formula.
$10.00 ea. (US)
For BEST RESULTS when applying Zoya PixieDust: apply 2-3 thin coats of polish for full coverage to a clean oil free nail surface. Allow product to dry completely for full effect. Do not use a base coat or top coat. Top coat can be applied for additional glossy effects.
*BIG5FREE: Zoya Nail Polish and Treatment Formulas are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and camphor.
Find over 300 long-wearing, beautiful Zoya colors on Each and every color has a name as unique as the women who inspired it.

Chic glitters

Hi ladies, I haven't posted all last week & with good reason; I was bitten by the cold bug. At first it started out as a sinus issue but before I knew it I was drinking cough medicine and eating cough drops.

So now that I'm feeling better I decided to put a new set of acrylic nails on, and do my nails actually. 

Of course I'm starting out my week with my signature color..... pink.

On my nails I'm wearing OPI's "Chic from ears to tail", it's a baby pink colored polish. It's actually kinda light in formula I had to apply almost 4 coats for satisfaction. On my accent nails I used OPI's "When monkey's fly". I got them both for $4.99 at Ulta.

Have a great week!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Zoya 2014 Awaken collection. *press release*

New Nail Polish Collection for Spring 2014: Zoya Awaken
Just as Spring emerges from a natural Winter slumber, Zoya Awakens to a fresh season of BIG5FREE* color...
Open your mind to the beauty of color discovery; the new, the unexplored, the excitement! Awaken by Zoya - Six new, full-coverage, dew-drenched creams and gold-kissed metallic nail polish colors for Spring 2014. Full of pure pigment, intense color and modern complexity that will take you far beyond the hazy, barely there hues of seasons past into a new world of chromatic joy.

• ZP723 - Dillon: Green Mint Shimmer Metallic Full Coverage Formula.
• ZP724 - Rebel: Blue Sky Shimmer Metallic, Full Coverage Formula.
• ZP722 - Hudson: Purple Orchid Shimmer Metallic, Full Coverage Formula (Yes, it's a Radiant Orchid!)
• ZP720 - Dot: Pink Petal Cream, Full Coverage Formula
  (originally created for fashion designer Zang Toi’s SS14 collection).
• ZP721 - Cole: Peach Whisper Cream, Full Coverage Formula
  (originally created for fashion designer Peter Som’s SS14 collection).
• ZP725 - Brooklyn: White-Gold Shimmer Metallic, Full Coverage Formula.
$9.00 ea. (US)


Create a nail color masterpiece. The multi-colored, holographic flakes of Zoya Monet lend an impressionistic color change option to existing color palettes. Never boring, this artistic topper can be applied as an accent or used as an overall color changer.
• ZP726 - Monet: Multi-Color, Cellophane Holographic Topper.
$10.00 ea. (US)
*BIG5FREE: Zoya Nail Polish and Treatment Formulas are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and camphor.
Find over 300 long-wearing, beautiful Zoya colors on Each and every color has a name as unique as the women who inspired it.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Duck Dynasty "Splatter"

One time for me posting two times in a day, woot!!

On my nails today is a polish I randomly spotted going down the beauty aisle in Walmart. This was actually in the clearance aisle however they weren't on clearance. The show Duck Dynasty may be a lot of things, not being funny isn't one (to me)!

I was totally caught off guard to see these indie looking polishes being advertised, born from a reality tv show; I can dig it. Prices for these polishes are $3.97 and there are a variety of colors, just like the one I'm wearing I found during my google search. 

I couldn't decide if the formula mix reminded me of some kind of animal poop, chocolate pudding or just of the swamp lol. 

I also used OPI's Suzi's loves cowboys on my accent nail for the gradient & thumb.

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