Friday, June 29, 2012

Sparkles Fly

This is why I love OPI polish, it's expensive but the results are satisfactory. Ur looking at 3 coats with a fab finish with clear color club top coat. This model FLY, which is among the set of the 5 colors Nicki X OPI collab'd up (Did it on em, Fly, Save me, metallic 4 life, Pink Friday). In addition to that, I used a pink polish on one of my fingers called "Sandals" by NYXgirls and lastly a glitter called "Platinum Record" by Color Club for a bedazzled look.... Welp I'm ready for the weekend.
Y'all be easy on the weekend....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The red, the black and the Golden

SWIIIIIIITCH (Martin House Party voice)… I’m loving the fact that I can switch my polish at ease now, acrylic nails was a pain to remove polish at times. Anywho, here’s my lil Fat Golden Rick Ross Budha I keep on my dresser; I decided to keep it golden on the nail tip this go round. I used my OPI gold crackle which I’m not too pleased with its performance. It didn't crackle up or break apart as I’d liked it to. I am pleased with the J2 & WnW polish finish tho..... It also is a two time winner because it goes with my Nike SB Tecate kicks!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#GettinLacqueredUp 6/25/12

Stopped in TJMAXX sometime last week and went on another coppin killing spree lol... You would be surprised with what you find in that store, I'm definetely a MAXXinista as they say on the commercial. In their beauty section which isn't very big you can find a variety of lacquer brands I almost flatlined... They had some OPI twin packs, Nicole OPI twin packs, Wet N Wild, L.A. Colors as well as Sally Hansen salon effects ($4). I came across this Bebe lacquer set for the low of $5.99 for 3 mini polishes, I didn't even know they made nail polishes. Needless to say, I'll be getting into bed with them & lettin you know the deets on how they lay lol. Lastly, going to pick up something at Walgreens pharmacy on Saturday, I felt eyes on me as I passed the beauty section and as a sale would have it finally I looked it in the face; I'm held in a trance of seeing a cute nail polish bag set by Wet N Wild for $Nueve.Nueve Nueve ($9.99). You can reuse the bag to hold your other nail polishes as well (that's what I'll end up doing anyway).... So if you have any of these stores in your reach, go ahead and give them a look through, you just never know.....

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Polish is from Nars...

Getting ready for another work week. I decided to try out a polish I've been waiting to use. Nars polish called Koliary' which is like a teal or turquoise formula pick one. The application is smooth not too watery or thick just right ahhhh nuttin like a good lay :). Can't wait to purchase more. I added the caviar beads by Ciaté which works with any polish. Works for me.....

..... And the lust continues

Friday, June 22, 2012

Power to the Flower

Got my two bottles that I ordered last week from it was a good buy, because I only paid 2.35 a bottle; it's the shipping where they get cha!! I like this color and am actually even more pleased with what I thought it was going to look like. On the computer the formula seemed like it would be a red orange, but it turns out to be a shimmery pink. The formula is a lil thick for my liking but it remains glossy even w/I a top coat and thats good for me. My first lay with Brucci polish which is a brand you will mostly find in NYC it's manufactured in Yonkers, NY. This is called Flower Power.... Power to the polish.

.......and the lust continues....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My first time using L.A. Colors formula, I have seen this brand several times in Dollar stores and was reluctant to buy it because of its msrp of $1. I’ve had people tell me that it obtains good quality but u know what they say “you get what you pay for”. I’m not going to say this formula was the worst but it wasn’t the best either.

The finish you see in the pic of just the orange polish (called Shock) is four coats of lacquer, I don’t believe I’ve put that much on each nail ever…. Even when I put the 4 coats, it still remained dull. I couldn’t deal with the bland look so I decided to lay a glittery blanket over it, Snow Globe by China Glaze is where I found my solace…. Welp, better lust next time…..

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pink Friday on Sunday

I don't know what is but lately I've been getting these Salon effects by Sally Hansen for the low, then when I'm ready to get jiggy wit it, they don't stick; like they've expired!! This one isnt the case tho, I got this Polka dot style from TJMaxx for $4 (regular $8 or $9). I decided to use some help from Nicki Minaj and her collabo with OPI called Pink Friday. I love the lay of OPI lacquer, they don't disappoint.

......and the lust continues......

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sunshine Sunset

So what do you do when you are home alone??? You would think I'd be sleeping or surfing the net or running around the house "Ne ked", I know but I digress. I'm staring at my nails to my nail rack back & forth until I get up.... So I've been wanting to dabble in this Gradient effect on nails for a minute and I carpe' diem'd this bee eye tonight.... Not bad for my first try eh!! I did the painting on the make up sponge, choose the colors and bada bing bada boom a few pats here & there, laid some top coat down and finitó. I cannot wait to give this a whirl again.

.....and the lust continues.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jessica gives me the blues -Julep

You wouldn't believe my nails starting chipping.... so of course I needed a fresh coat of lacquer (wo is me)... I decided to give one of my Julep Maven box products a try. Now I'm not too sold on the lay of this color. It went on kinda thick and dried thick looking. However with a top coat it shined up to my satisfaction. In certain lights the color deemed to be a very light lilac but then in other focus in light it deemed to be a baby blue so have fun with your choice.....

......and the lust continues......

Lacquered up 6/12/12

Don't look so surprised.... So I had to make a few stops yesterday and what do you know, the store next door to where i was going is a salon store that displayed a sign saying "clearance cosmetics items" so I said let me go "SEE" lol. Aren't you proud that these are all I came out with.... Control (Janet taught me).

I've never seen this brand before so hey life is about trying something new. The clear Kleancolor bottle is Calcium remember I said I'm rebuilding my nail strength so my mission is in route..

...... And the lust continues......

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bikini Green

I don't care if Klean Color costs .99 in some stores, I happen to like the quality of them; I haven't been disappointed by them yet. I did this "lacq job" last month for my Nike SB "Loons". The drying experience is second most important to me and I will bet on Klean color to keep its look when dry.

.......and the lust continues......

Monday, June 11, 2012

Choose Me (I really do choose me)

Ok so getting right into the swing of things in this new blogger world, I am doing away with the acrylic nails. I am in pursuit of a new start to the prelude of healthier, stronger nails. As my last post stated I got "lacquered up" with the Essence brand called "choose me".

I am going to give this 5 stars because of its shimmery lay and drying time. I will take a nice lay any day (lol). The bottle is a little small but it has a great delivery... So yeah..... I like it.

....... and the lust continues.....

Gettin Lacquered Up

Another name I claim for myself is that i'm a "lacquer lush", yes I abuse the lacquer, I get under the infleunce and fall under a deep "coated" spell... So every time I go on a shopping spree for polishes I call it "getting lacquered up"... From time to time I will be posting the bottles I've purchased to "get lacquered up". Below I've chosen to take full advantage of my Ulta pick ups. If you're not a Ulta member you should become one if you're a LACQUER LADY such as myself. The $3.50 coupons are usually enclosed in their newsletter they send to your home every 3months or so or it may even be earlier than that. Also, their frequent emails for promos normally include a $3.50 off coupon.
Now, I have always stared at the Essence polishes but I felt like they were marketed moreso for the little lacquer girls, but I said what they hey let me give it a lay; for .29 you couldn't beat that with a bat!! I am no stranger to the Sally Hansen nail salon effects (and you will find out sooner than later). They were $4.99 each by the way, the polka & checkered ones are from the Avril Lavigne collection. The Tiger "rock & roar" design is the regualr $8.99. So when you see me write #gettinlacqueredup, you awready know what time it tis!!! Stay tuned for the showcases coming soon.

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