Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bought me some CANDY

Hey everyone, I've been dying to try this polish since I got it a few weeks ago, Yes it is she Mrs. Deborah Lippmann. I broke down and paid the $16 for it, but luckily for me that day Nordstrom's was having a B2G1 FREE offer going on. This model is CANDY SHOP. Enclosed with the glitter is a light pink lacquer, but it's very light so I figured I'd polish it with OPI's "Pink-king of you" first. I just love it and it's just in time for my niece's 2nd Birthday this weekend. I was going to do some cupcake nail art using the Nails Inc. sprinkles top layer but I'll save that for another shinding. As a bonus in this post, I've decided to incorporate another love of mine which happens to be MUSIC; i'm not a musician but I love the art of all types of music. I will be relating my nails to songs, if I can't find the video I will post just the song. I hope you all enjoy it. I started to choose 50 Cent's Candy Shop, but then I felt like that was too recent and obvious so I chose the artist Cameo as my first video post Cameo :)....

"You're like a brand new feeling, in a special way"- Cameo


  1. This one is definitely being added to my current wish list along with Mermaid's Dream.

    Sara xx Happy new Follower

  2. Thank you, yes I am really adoring it more and more as I look at my finger :) and thanks for the follow


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