Monday, April 7, 2014

On What Grounds?

Hi everyone and welcome to Monday lol. I had a wonderful weekend, I spent the whole weekend with my son, brother, niece and nephew. My nephew Avin turned 2 last week and we took him to hang out in Orlando. We had a good time. 

So on my nails today I'm wearing the third of the 4 set collection from Nopi's Roughles collection. This polish I'm wearing today is called "On What Grounds"? For me this polish gives on a mint or a baby blue appearance (depending on the swatches), on some blog posts they can look either color. 

On my accent nail I'm wearing a polish by Rue 21 called Sugar Rush, I guess they got the memo about it not being cool to not have cool names for their polishes lol. The thing is, I didn't get a rush from applying this polish; it's very sheer and streaky. The polish brush is very narrow and doesn't pick up much glitter. The formula is thick and requires 3 coats.


  1. Both are nice shades and they look good together too.

  2. Lovely colors and texture, love it <3
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