Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beaded Stucco On You

Hi and Good Morning!! I'm feeling so good this morning and it's not even pay week or Friday lol... Hope you all are in good spirits as well.

I'd like to share with you all what's on my nails today which is 3 untried polishes. I am wearing the last of the 4 NOPI Roughles collection, this one is a lavender color and it's called "I'm Stucco On You". I tell you no lie when I say I adore this entire collection, I thought I loved the Sinful Colors Crystal Crush textured ones but these get much love from me too!!

On my ring and pinky finger as the base color I am wearing a "no cool name" purple polish by Simply Sweet and as for the glitter layover I'm wearing a beaded nail polish I got from Urban Outfitters. The beaded polish is not anything special, it reminds of floam. It's pretty nonetheless and also reminds me of tinier sprinkles. Textured & glittered on you me nails is thee complete nail necessity!!

Have a fab day you all :).


  1. I adore that colour! ♡♡ you have a beautiful blog my dear :)

  2. Wow! Hahaha what a shame! It was a fu.** app that did that to my post! Hahaha. Here is the correct link!

  3. Nice all purple mani! I like the pairings too.

  4. I like the stucco but I think that I don't like the texture of it. LIke I just like good ole fashioned shiny, smooth nail polish, like on the last two fingernails. That's beautiful!

    Anyways, Thanks for linking up for Lovely Thursdays! :)

  5. I like the beaded purple and the no name brand. :-)



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