Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hello Kitty Peelable Nail Polish

Hi everyone!! Wo is me, I thought I hit publish on this post, but I didn't. I have had the unpleasant occurence of having this coughing/hacking session at night, it is beyond annoying. I got a few suggestions on facebook from people and I am going to try it, I am so in need of a good night's sleep. 

On my nails I've done a quick review of a polish I got for my cute little niece who's almost 4! I saw these polishes just browsing in Walmart and they're peelable for $2.97. Now at first when you put it on, it'll look like the advertised color, but it dries pretty quickly into the color that you see now. It doesn't have smell to it like regular nail polish, it smells like Elmer's glue to me. So I have on 3 coats of it which I let completely dry. It is fantastic for my niece whom i've painted her nails before and she likes to pick it off. 

Once completely dry it peels off with no force or much effort. I just wish the colors stayed the advertised colors. Other than that, it's pretty sweet for the little polishettes lol.

There is another character Minnie Mouse you can buy also. 


  1. There so cute and its nice to see that you can peel them off too.

  2. Could you say where it's possible to find them?...:(


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