Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jealous of a go glitter

Good morning, how do? 

How am I doing? I'm doing the necessary to make it to Friday :), we are one step closer!! Today on my nails I'm wearing a polish from Sally Hansen's Triple Shine Palm Beach Jellies collection. You can find these at CVS, Walgreens and I've seen them at Walmart for $4.57.

If you're into jelly polishes then these will win you over. I've been a creme girl for so long I decided to branch out. I've got on "Jell-ous?", it's very very thin. You will see below I've applied 3 coats and look how sheer it is!

The glitter I'm using is by China Glaze from their 2014 Surprise collection, this one is called "I'm a Go Glitter". I found this to be the perfect match for it with the jelly being a similar color to the burgundy glitter.

Have you tried any of these yet? If so, let me know which one & how you like them.


  1. That is such a sheer jelly! I bet it looks better layered over a white or something.

  2. How pretty looks your manicure :)

  3. I love jellies, but this is too sheer for my liking. It looks much better with the glitter though :)


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