Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hey ladies, HAPPY FRIDAY!! I am going to love saying this next Friday because, it'll be the last day of school for winter break; classes resume Jan 7th woop woop.

I am dumb late on posting this (as it has become a habit lately), Lacqsofluv and I were browsing in Ulta the older day trying to redeem our monthly coupons when I decided to stroll down the Revlon aisle, which is where I spotted Whimsical. I remember seeing this polish on The Sneakerette's (Lacquer and Laces) page eons ago and finally decided to try it.

I really like the formula mix but it's a little light in texture as it required 3 coats for it to show out the way I wanted it to. I chose to apply it as a layover on OPI's "I think in Pink". It has a green shimmer to it but I found it to be a smooth match on top of the pink, have a look.......

*app posted this post late due to Blogger technical difficulties*

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