Monday, December 3, 2012

Verify Swatch

Hi ladies, sorry I haven't been in the posting mood as I stated in a previous post that I was busy completing my 2250 word research paper regarding Sociopathic disorder in reference to John Wayne Gacy. Now I don't do swatches very much because I think it takes up a lot of time, especially with the removal process. I got these polishes from my nail gurl, I haven't seen a swatch of this brand before on a blog. As you can see I've removed the acrylic nails, I only had them on for a week and quite frankly they got in my way. I also messed up the acrylic on one of my nails by trying to remove glitter via the foil process (tragic). I kept rubbing and rubbing which left dents in my nail, then when I tried to file them I just dove further into disaster.

She gave me a few bottles and then I went back and purchased a few more at 2.50 a bottle. This brand is called Verity and while they aren't in a flashy bottle, I can say that the formula needs not flashy intro. The polish names are Lime Yellow, Flower Girl (pink), Gorgeous Orange, Hot Fuschia and Hot Red. I've put 3 coats on each fingers which satisfied opacity. I don't quite like the orange color but the rest I'm ok with them. The formula is medium texture, when it is applied it is not thick or watery; it reminds me of Zoya polishes.

Thanks for looking....

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