Sunday, December 30, 2012

Itsy Bitsy

Hi all, in my attempt to bring myself out of the bed from being under the weather since yesterday, I felt like changing my polish. Thank God I am feeling better than yesterday, I really put in work trying to get better. Today is my father's birthday and then Monday is my twin brother and my birthday.
I created a secret polish Santa exchange this year which 10 ladies participated, I put this polish on my wishlist among others. This polish is by The Hungry Asian on etsy and it's called Itsy Bitsy, it embodies the song "yellow polka dot bikini" in its formula. It screamed cutesy and fun and I knew I had to have it on sight. My sister in law bought this for me as a present (even tho she didn't draw my name).

I applied 2 coats of this, it's user friendly and has a nice settling appearance when it's applied, it's not streaky or bulky-looking with the glitter. Even though I got this for free, for $8 you can have your own. I implore you all to go check out her other models of polishes.

Her store is on vacation now but put in your favorites and check back later.

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