Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pink Bikini

Happy Hump Day...... Here's Pink Bikini by Bettina. This is a darker shade of the pink side of polishes. It's my type of pink tho, I'm really not a huge fan of baby pink but I do have some shades of it. I applied two coats of this formula.
On my accent nail, sifting through my stash of miscellaneous stuff for nails I found these nail stickers by Betsey Johnson for Sephora. It is one sheet of cherries, bows and lightning bolts for $3. I have strong thoughts of switching out my purse today, so I can use a Cynthia Rowley wallet I got during Black Friday weekend; perfect match.


  1. love this! your polish application looks so perfect here <33

  2. lovely mani, that pink is so pretty!


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