Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hi all!!

I'm pressed for time, kinda busy day ahead of me...
So today's mani is brought to you by L'oreal, Rimmel & NYC. For my base color I used Rimmel's 60 second polish called "Cupcake Pink", it's a sheer pink that's very soft; not my normal purchase I know I'm a cream girl. This is 2 coats of it at first. On to the glitz of things, I topped off the cupcake with some glitter; who doesn't like sprinkles on their cupcake :). 

For the pink glitter I used NYC's "Pink Bling" which features pink and silver fine glitter. Secondly I used L'oreal's magic top coat called "the sparklicious". It has black octagon & silver shaped glitters w/ silver tinsel glitters.

Have a sparkly day.... My talons will!!

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