Thursday, October 24, 2013

P.I.N.K- Protection Is Nonstop Knowledge

Hiiiii and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Boy do I feel like this week took the snail route to get here!! 

Ending this week I decided to try something new. I call myself teaching myself how to do acrylic nails but on a dummy hand, I believe I have got the technique down. 

Mr. Nailmattic & I will be out & about this weekend and I wanted my nails to be nice. I decided to put on some full cover oval nails by Kiss. I am really smitten with the results.

I don't know tho, how they'll last cause I'm kinda tough with my hands...
Getting into the members of this mani I used different shades of pink as an ode to breast cancer awareness. The main one used is by Essence from the Hugs & Kisses collection, it's called "Sugar Baby Love". The glitter I used is one I got from Rue 21 named Graffiti Top Coat, model named "Dope".

The acronym I came up with for PINK is just a reminder to you ladies that it's important that you are aware of breast cancer, please stay abreast of the health of your breast: Protection Is Nonstop Knowledge.

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