Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Great Bellini Cerise

Hi lacquer lovelies & happy hump day!!

Today I'm sharing with you my first time doing this nail design technique via Cutepolish YouTube channel, I saw the video so long ago. This technique is so noncomplex and features the use of a basic household item-- a floss stick.

Yes you read that right, with the use of a floss stick you can create a ident design on your nails using two colors. I believe the key is to use the lighter color polish as the base color so that the darker is more apparent on the surface. For my mani I used two untried polishes by Bettina. My base color is called Bellini, it's another rose/blush color like my previous post using "Silk".

Then I used Cerise which is a shade above burgundy, still in the pink position. I simply painted the floss with Cerise enough to coat the floss, then I kinda like rolled the floss onto my nail from side to side. I only rolled it once for each line.

Apply top coat and presto you're done!! You should give it a go.... tis magical to use the simplest things to get amazing results.

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  1. The pink Is so pretty. And smart thinking using that as nail art equipment


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