Friday, October 18, 2013

Sinful Colors Holiday Collection- Pink Icicles

Happy Friday everyone, Friday just doesn't know how much those of us who are off the weekends love it!! I wonder if Friday could pick a sex to be which one would it be lol.
Today I'd like to share with you a little cutesy mani I did using two nail art brushes and one chin hair glitter polish by Sinful Colors. This polish is a part of their Holiday collection. I picked this one and the all white glitter one from Walgreens for 2/$3, it's called "Cold as Ice".

First I made a triangle border on my nails using nail tape, then I used the striper brush and made one color line after the other, pretty simple.
In my Walgreens haul, I picked up The Magic Top Coat by L'OREAL called "the sparklicious". It features black & silver circle glitter with silver bar glitters. It looks like it'll fit the criteria for the perfect New Years Eve mani!!

Check it all out.....


  1. I love this mani. It makes me think of vintage wallpaper with added glitter. I must find these glitters :)


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