Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love Pink and Sephora

Hi all, I had yesterday off and I'm still in need of a day off!!

This week is the last week of this math class and I'm so happy you all just don't know...

So yeah here's my latest mani using two untried polishes. The pink one is by Pink Victoria Secrets I picked up from the VS outlet, it's called Love Pink; I didn't know they even made polish. They also have a white polish called White Hot. I am not a huge fan of the polish formula cause it is very streaky on the first go round. This is 3 coats with a top coat, it does smooth out in texture with the top coat. I used a Diamond Dry top coat.

The glitter on my accent nail is by Sephora's top coat effects polish. This one is $12.50 and is named Turbulent. I really love the teal and black circle glitter, they plenty of pretty other colors.

P.S. I'll be getting back on IG soon under my blog name Nailmattic, I'll only be following fashion and nail/nailpolish related accounts.

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  1. LOVE the sephora x glitter you picked up! i've been eyeing the all-black glitter one!


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