Monday, October 21, 2013

Demolished Silk

Happy Monday!!

Why does that sound like an oxymoron lol....
Today I'm wearing a polish I picked up over the weekend from Sephora, it is another one from their Formula X line; this one is called Demolition. It is girly girl to me because of its pink and white glitters and the splash of aqua in it, it's amazing in person I hope I can achieve some justice to you all of it via pics.

These polishes will run you $12.50 in store and online (plus shipping of course). I've paired this polish up with Bettina's polish named "Silk", it's a soft pink polish that resembles even a rose pink color if you don't mind the comparison. They're both untried polishes so I think these two paired up perfectly for their first date, lol.

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