Monday, March 17, 2014

"DUPES, my bad"-Yellow

Good morning ladies, how are you on this rainy, dark Monday (or at least it is in Florida).

On my blog today is a new segment I'm starting called "DUPES, my bad". I've seen several bloggers do a comparison post (The PolishAholic & Peachy Polish just to name two) & I find it to be a great idea. For one it's good to know so that you can't avoid dupes and for 2, you can buy this brand as a dupe if you aren't able to get the original brand you wanted.

My choice for the comparison is yellow. Yellow looks good on me and I find myself pretending not to have the perfect yellow. I've chosen 5 yellows which do vary in color and application.
OPI- Need Sunglasses is a canary yellow which you will find opaque in 3 coats.

American Apparel- Sunshine State is also a canary yellow, it streaks on tr first coat but is opaque in 3 coats.

Sinful Colors- Chick Chick is more of a mustard yellow. 

Color Club- Almost Famous is a bright neon yellow in person. If layered on top of white it really pops.

*all polishes were applied with 3 coats and no top coat was used.


  1. Nice comparison of these yellows. Not a fan of wearing yellows but this was nice to see regardless.

  2. I always forget how much I love yellow until I see some!!

  3. I love wearing yellows! The Sinful Colors polish looks the best :)

  4. I love yellows but find they are streaky. I will try the color club one, it's so bright :)


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