Monday, March 24, 2014

Sweet Crush Roughles

Good morning polish peeps. If you haven't noticed, we are one day closer to Friday (hey, any kind of motivation helps :).

On my nails today I have two textured polishes, recently released in stores. First, I'm wearing NOPI Roughles textured polish which has just released in stores, specifically Kmart. I spotted them last weekend after getting a tip from Jessica over at BE HAPPY BUY POLISH. I love the entire collection. Today I'm wearing "Rock the look", it's a pink strawberry smoothie looking formula (please don't drink this polish lol). Its application is very smooth to me, I had no issue applying this polish. I've applied just two coats of it.

The second textured polish I'm wearing is another newly released polish by Rimmel London's limited edition "Sweetie Crush" collection. There are 5 colors for this set & at Kmart they are priced for $2.29. This formula is a pink shimmery textured formula and is a easy apply. I've only applied two coats, it's called "Candyfloss Cutie".

I know you might be asking if I don't think it's too much pink.... Uhhhhhhhh nope, this is how I like it :).

I present to you, my current situation.....


  1. I love the Roughles! I have "on what grounds?" its the pastel blue so pretty! Love the pink too!

  2. I really like textured polishes, they are so different! I just feel weird not putting a top coat on!


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