Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dupes, My Bad- Neon Orange

Hi ladies, surprised to see me on a Sunday too!! I was sitting looking at my stash and started thinking about my next dupe post. I realized I have at least 4 dupes of neon orange polishes so I chose that color to swatch.

The first neon polish I have which I am wearing on my pinky is by Fingr's and it's called "RE-Orange My Closet", on my ring finger is Color Club's "Wham! Pow!", middle finger is showing you China Glaze "Japanese Koi" and index finger shows you Cynthia Rowley "Neon Orange". They are similar in color but not in formula. The Fingr's, Color Club and China Glaze are consistent in smooth application, while the Cynthia Rowley is very, very streaky even with 3 coats. 

I do see that the Fingr's polish is slightly darker from the rest of the colors. All were applied with 3 coats without a top coat.

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  1. Those are some great neon oranges! Nice comparison and dupes of them.


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