Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lime Green Pop Star

Good morning ladies, today's nails consists of two polishes; one from China Glaze and the other by Hard Candy.

The base polish I'm wearing is from the CG "City Flourish" collection called "Grass Is Lime Greener". I had a slight problem with this application because of its streaky spread on the first coat. The second coat wasn't so bad but you should let it dry completely in order for it to be opaque. I've applied 3 coats.

For my glitter layover I'm using a Hardy Candy polish called "Pop Star" which has light blue/dark blue and black circle glitters. It's very easy to apply because the brush picks up the glitter in packs lol. 


  1. What cute looks this nail polish from CG and the mani is amazing :)

  2. Great combination! The look great together.


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