Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Pastel

Hello beauties.... 

Today I have a special post brought to you by a newly created group that I am a member of, it is created by the wonderful Nory over at fiercemakeupandnails. Nory, spoke to me on occasion about wanting to create a group for the us lacquer lovers to get together and do link up posts, based on certain topics.

This group is now known as The Beauty Buffs, we are a group on Facebook that will together create our own ideas of a chosen topic. One of the best things about this group is that we are not just focused on one style of beauty, you can incorporate into your post whatever it is that you affiliate with the top (ie. fashion, nail polish, makeup). 

Today's focus is on Pastels, I am choosing to showcase of my favorite brand of nail polish pastel colors. Bettina Cosmetics happens to be one of my favorite brands, the quality is excellent and consistent. I chose 4 pastel colored polishes out of my stash to do a polka dot mani. I was so stumped on a design, but when in doubt, polka dots will not let you down in search of a cutesy, quick design. 

For this mani I used Bettina polishes as followed:

Gladiola, Vanity, Cotton Candy, Orchidea.

I've also incorporated another one of my life's loves which happens to be sneakers. I have a huge sneaker collection and it wouldn't be me not to pay homage to the sneaker that started my love affair for this sneakerhead life. Here's a pic of an Easter-pastel colored sneaker collection by Reebok Classics. These particular models are called Reebok Freestyle Hi.

I am excited to be a part of this new platform for opportunities to interact with other unique and amazing bloggers, I do implore you all to check out all of the other ladies who will be sharing this platform The Beauty Buffs with me. You can keep tabs on TBB by exploring our IG hashtag #TheBeautyBuffs as well.


  1. I love the colors and design on this!

  2. The design is perfect for Spring and Easter, and I neeeeed those sneakers ;)

  3. Such a cute mani and the pastels sneakers are so cool.

  4. Loving this manicure, loving the pastel sneakers, just loving everything! I kind of shy away from using my orange pastels, but after seeing this manicure I need to start using them more.

  5. I have heard Bettina is a great brand, someday I want to try them. I love your mani, very Easter-egg-esque :)

  6. Of course I love all of these because Bettina is an obsession for me. Thanks for feeding that obsession! lol

  7. Such cute manicure, I love thise pastels!
    I really like your blog and since now I'm your new follower. You're welcome at Kate&Stuff and I'll be glad if we make friends))

    Best regards,

  8. Yes! Polka dots never fail us! These are super cute and how fantastic are those pastels?? I think I need to get some betinna polishes, stat!

  9. i love this mani!! i need more bettinas in my life, they are so fab!


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