Sunday, March 30, 2014

L.A Colors- Mad Duo

Hello people how are you all doing this Sunday? I am wearing something pretty on my nails today and I figured I should put them on the blog, why let it go to waste because it's the weekend; even though I don't normally post on the weekends!

On my nails I am wearing a pretty color combination that is so summer/spring. I have seen this polish many times during my trips to the store Dollar General, I never thought about trying them after I had a bad experience with the polish L.A.Colors before. I pretty much liked to stay away from their formula. 

With this polish I was quite surprised at how well the application/formula is. You have two choices with this polish and a lot of the creations that are for sale are pretty well matched together. This one I chose is a duo polish consisting of a coral color on one end with pink and gold iridescent glitters on the other end; it's called Mad Duo. 

The formula is very smooth, no signs of streaks and finishes opaque in just two coats. I did not apply a top coat for this mani. 

Enjoy what little bit you have left of the weekend everyone :).


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