Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Psychedelic Barmy Blue

Good morning all and HAPPY HUMP DAY!!

Today on my nails is an untried polish from my stash. I believe I picked this up from CVS for $2.97. There were other colors that are the usual colors of the rainbow. I don't believe I have enough navy blue polish in my collection so I decided to get this one, it is called "Barmy Blue" and beats me why it's called that lol.

As a glitter/flaky top coat, I've applied a polish from Fingerprints "Kaleidoscope" collection called Psychedelic Hue. It consists of iridescent flakies that shimmers differently in light. I personally like this with a matte topcoat which I'll be showing you that in this post. 

*In my opinion, to show this top coat's true quality; the best colors will be with darker polish colors. 

With just Psychedelic top coat

With OPI Matt Top Coat

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  1. Nice combination of colors here. They look great.


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