Monday, March 31, 2014

How'd that sand get there? NOPI

Hey everyone, would you know it, it's Tuesday already!! Avin, my little tot of nephew turns 2 tomorrow (say that fast 5 times lol). Anyways, today on my nails is another one of the polishes from NOPI's Roughles collection (I still don't know how to properly pronounce the name lol).

I will forever agree that yellow polish looks good against my skin tone, I just knew that I'd love this polish on me and whatdoyaknow, it does. The formula is just like the pink one I wore last week sometime, no complaints. I'm making my way slowly but surely to wear all 4 colors (no untrieds for these bambinos). 

Have a good day you all, I'm gonna sit here and get rid of this "Sand In My Shoe"....


  1. Very pretty color, and I love the polish and the beautiful design in it.

  2. Love the animal print on top! Makes it so fun.


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