Friday, July 11, 2014

TNCC-Recreate your first 4 nail art designs #2

Heyyyy it's Friday *hands on knees, duck face Twerk mode* lol

Well i wanted to be proactive this week therefore I am getting my monthly post for TNCC done early (I normally do it on Sunday). So here I have the second post of the voted "Recreate your first 4 nail art designs). When I first created this design back in June of 2012 I used red polish with gold crackle, the crackle didn't break up as I would've liked it to which sucked, but this time around I feel that I looks so much! 

Here is my first design 2 years ago, you can also view this post HERE

Here is my 2014 recreation of it, I used Bettina's "Passion", OPI "Rose of Light" and Maybelline Shredded " Carbon Frost".

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  1. I like that you went with some different colors :)


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