Tuesday, July 8, 2014

LA Girl Lip Paint Coy & Blushing

Good day folks, today I'd like to show you 2 pigmented lip paint glosses that my boyfriend picked up for me last Friday from Kmart. I mean I was there, but I told him to pick two colors for me. 

I initially wanted the Too Faced lip paints but they're weren't available in stock at my Ulta (seems like they're quite the popular ones around these parts.

Blushing is a mauve or rosey pink color that isn't loud which is why I like it. 
Next is Coy which is a purple pigmented lip gloss that doesn't turn I to plum or red when applied. 

The only drawback to these lip glosses is the minty scent, it isn't overwhelming or nauseating but it does take a few ticks getting used to.

Also for your viewing pleasure, I've done a YT video on my entire lip gloss collection....


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