Friday, May 30, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Skittles #4

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! You would think I worked a full work week... you wouldn't think I had Monday off by the way I am so glad to see Friday lol. Seriously tho, I feel like as of Saturday night your weekend is over (or so it feels).

Here today I have my 4th and final post for the month of May that the group TNCC I'm in, has been participating in. I become a member just in the nick of time and managed to do all four posts (yes I gets it in). So for my post I'll be using 3 untried polishes today, they belong to a cube nail polish set released by E.L.F sometime last year; it is dedicated to the lady Villains from different Disney movies like ones starring Ursula, Cruella De Ville and Evil Queen. I thought it would be most appropriate that I used the "Maleficent" portion of the box seeing how the movie will be releasing today; who doesn't applaud a lady villain (lol).

Will any of you be going out to see the movie Maleficent which stars the beautiful Angelina Jolie?

Check out the other TNCC members showing off their final skittles posts:

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