Friday, May 9, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative #1- Skittles

Hey everyone!! Happy Friday, today I'm excited to share a post with you as a new member of a FB group called THE NAIL CHALLENGE COLLABORATIVE group. A few months back I saw a post by The Polish Playground about this group and inquired about how to join it. When I got an email from A Girl and Her Polish I totally forgot I inquired about it. So anyhoo, meet the newest member of TNNC.

THIS GROUP IS A GROUP OF BLOGHERS who do a post roundup 4 times a month with a scheduled topic, for some reason I like this kind of thing. This month's theme is Skittles, I find that I don't do many of these designs. For this design I chose two of the same type of glitter formula but in different colors. I got both of these glitter polishes from Rue 21.

The polish on my index and middle finger is called Mint Chocolate Chip and the ring & pinky fingers are wearing a polish called Sweet Frosting.


  1. What a pretty skittle pairing!

  2. Aw man, I got that pink one but did not see that green one. If I did I so would have picked it up!!


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