Monday, May 12, 2014

Essie- Serial Shopper

Good morning polished pretties, how was your weekend? Probably thinking it was too short like I do. My Mother's Day was very relaxing and I even had dinner made for me so I'm good with that.

I did get a nice group of polishes for my Mother's Day gift so I'm even more good. On my nails is one polish from my gift which is from Essie "Too Taboo" 2014 collection. This color is a coral/peach color. I had a slight problem with the application, I found it to be a little thick & took more time than I liked to dry. This is 3 coats of Serial Shopper.


  1. I'm not a big coral kinda girl,, but I did like the little pretties u added

  2. I'm not a big coral color girl, but I do like the prettis u added to your nails

  3. those accent nails are cute. btw, i'm lovin the polishes you sent me! just got done wearing the pink roughles for like three days straight :)


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