Friday, January 3, 2014

Duck Dynasty "Splatter"

One time for me posting two times in a day, woot!!

On my nails today is a polish I randomly spotted going down the beauty aisle in Walmart. This was actually in the clearance aisle however they weren't on clearance. The show Duck Dynasty may be a lot of things, not being funny isn't one (to me)!

I was totally caught off guard to see these indie looking polishes being advertised, born from a reality tv show; I can dig it. Prices for these polishes are $3.97 and there are a variety of colors, just like the one I'm wearing I found during my google search. 

I couldn't decide if the formula mix reminded me of some kind of animal poop, chocolate pudding or just of the swamp lol. 

I also used OPI's Suzi's loves cowboys on my accent nail for the gradient & thumb.


  1. What a nice brown manicure! Great idea!

  2. These polishes never made it to our area. I sure wish they had bc I searched all the Walmarts fit them. Nice manicure, though.


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