Sunday, January 19, 2014

Swatchful Sunday 1/19/14- Dare to wear, Sinful Colors, Orly FX, Bettina

Here are some random swatches I've done for today... I tried to do a lot more but the smell of acetone overwhelmed my room and ruined it for everyone....(and I do wear a mask).

To start off here's a nude/taupe creme polish from Dare To Wear. I picked this up from my nail supply store for $2. This is two coats:

Mi Amour

This next one is from Sinful Colors "Tough Love" collection. It is made to have a leather matte finish, this one is a navy blue formula called Cold Leather. I didn't see the uniqueness of it because I felt I could take any navy polish and apply some matte top coat to it. I guess the fact that this is two in one is what makes it better.
Cold Leather

This polish is from Orly's Galaxy FX collection. This one is a milky white lacquer with red, gold and silver circle glitters, here's 2 coats of Starburst. The second pic will show you what Milky Way looks like which is another model from the Orly Galaxy FX collection. It is a light blue lacquer mixed with red and white circle glitters. 

These next 3 polishes are from Bettina's Grandeur collection. It basically consists of a metallic, shimmer formula. I don't know why I wasn't expecting it to be this metallic looking and I don't really do shimmer/metallic polish. I'll probably be putting these in a blog sale or a giveaway. 





  1. Great swatches! These are some lovely colors :)

  2. the last 3 are the ones that look best on you, but i also like the first, and the light blue base Orly


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