Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kawaii- Birthday Surprise

Hi ladies!! How's your morning going, great so far I'm hoping.

On my nails today is another polish from my birthday package sent by Stef "Fairly Charming", this one is a white lacquer formula; with a variety of colorful fun glitters. This polish name is "Birthday Surprise", perfect for the fact that I was surprised when I got the package in the mail. 

I've seen plenty of indie brands make this polish type and I've always liked it. My very first indie polish purchase was from Lush Lacquer and it was "Sugar Daddy", it looks similar to this except that it has tinsel glitter in it. 

Before I exit this post, just for comparison purposes I'd like for you to view a post I did back in 2012 of the mentioned Lush Lacquer polish; you can do so HERE :))). 

You can now go ahead and have some fun viewing what I'm wearing .....


  1. What a lovely color you received from your friend!

  2. What pretty model and the nail polish from Kawa looks amazing :)


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