Sunday, January 26, 2014

Clown Hugs- XOXO Nail Candy

Good morning ladies.... I hope your weekend was all that you wanted it to be, mine was relaxing.

So today I'm giving you Clown Hugs!! No seriously just via my nails, never would I dress up like a clown and hug you. I am not too fond of clowns, never have been and you can thank the Stephen King movie "It" for that. 

I got this polish last week in a belated birthday gift package from my deary ducks Stef over at Fairly Charming. This is one of the polishes she sent me. 

In this polish you will find a variety of colorful-shaped glitters, that's  one of the reasons why I loved it at first sight. I found this brand from IG and the prices are reasonable. For this mani I chose to pair it up with some water marble because I'm a little tired of the plain painting accent nail. You can check other XOXO NAIL CANDY polishes at

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of colors and hugs.... And I'm not clowning around about that lol. 

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